International Day of Acceptance

20 Jan

Today is January 20th. We celebrate today as a International Day of acceptance. This “social experiment” was started by Annie Hopkins, who founded 3E Love. You can read more about her and the day at It is a quick read so please check it out.

I’ll wait here.

If you’ve been a reader for awhile you probably know this about me; for most of my life I was, what I’ll call – A disability denier. This was a way of thinking about my own disability that allowed me, if only in my head, to be “normal”. I even go as far to use a common phrase for people who are getting to know me and have tendency to be protective or want to help mitigate what they see as a difficult situation. I say this:

I’m fine. If I need a hand I will tell you. Ignore the fact that I walk or move differently and sooner than later you will forget about it.

I have several people I can refer you to who will tell you that they have heard me say this. They accept it because I give them no choice. I have friends who laugh with me about it over time because they are in awe how they do actually forget, and there are times that I have to ask for help with a comment something like “Hey, dude! CP here…Little help?” we chuckle at the “Oh yeah, sorry, forgot” response.

This, to me sums up how I have nurtured acceptance in my life. I did this because my parents were strong enough to let me fail. My Father was strong enough to say to me “…the only disability you have is in your own head…”

Honestly, I only started to embrace my disability very recently and mostly through Lauri and Casper. I have learned that they are great gifts to me. Lauri has taught me the power of words. Casper has taught me the power of silence and presence.

There are a great many people out in the world with all levels of disability. Please, as you go through your day working with your own disability (spoiler: we all have one if you think about it) be respectful and kind. Try and remember that you can be the light in someone’s day with something as simple as a asking to hold a door, and don’t be upset if we respectfully decline. Or, it may be something even more difficult, but much more helpful, don’t see the disability at all, and simply respect that I just happen to wear my weird on the outside and yours may be hidden.

Today, accept the similarities in yourself and others and you will be able to accept the differences! It’s Okay if it takes practice. You are loved!

Help for a Friend in Need

12 Jan

Mom has a friend from high school who is in need right now and I thought I should share this with you because all of my friends are so kind that you would want to help as you could.

She says her friend, Jimmy, was always so funny and so kind. He was very religious, the kind of guy that if you didn’t know him you would roll your eyes because it was so “uncool” to talk about Jesus so much. Yet, everyone…. EVERYONE, in high school loved him. He would invite anyone, the most popular girl in class or the total delinquent, to church and they would happily go with him. He is now a minister and father of three adorable little girls and he is in need of support. His wife, who mom says must be pretty amazing to be married to such a cool guy, is in the hospital and it seems no one really knows what is going on. Someone started a fundraiser for the family so I said I would share it with all my friends. I know that even if you are unable to support this family with a donation that you will all send love and prayers their way and they need that just as much right now. In fact, mom says that if she remembers Jimmy very well then she knows your well wishes and prayers would mean more to him than anything. We promise to keep you updated as we learn more. 

Jimmy and Elizabeth Mitchell

Thank you!! *smooshes*

Click here for the Fundraiser for Jimmy and his Family


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