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I know that if you are reading about service dogs and disability awareness it is because you want to make a difference in the world. Thank you. Just learning more about these things can make a world of difference for people navigating life with one or both.

If you feel like you want to do more please consider the following:


If you live within driving distance of Boston, MA then Service Dog Project can always use volunteers. They needs people to help scoops dog poo, clean kennels, fill water buckets, assist at feeding time, socialize puppies, maintenance of the farm (if you have special skills for construction, electrical. plumbing, grounds keeping, etc… you are especially needed!). For more information go HERE.

Can’t get to Boston? There are dozens of organization all over the world who can use your help. Google facilities in your area for service dog organizations, equine therapy groups (Dad did this as a kid and it was great. My littlest human does it for her ADD and loves it so much! She goes to All-Star Therapy Group here in Oklahoma.), children’s hospitals, VA hospitals, local Special Olympics chapters, or other advocacy groups.

You can also check out Network for Good, Volunteer Match, or Volunteers of America for opportunities


There are hundreds of organizations to donate to and we are only suggesting those which have a special meaning to us, but know that we are not asking anyone to stop donating to a cause you feel strongly about just to help out here. We do ask, though, that you research any organization before donating. Far too many non-profit organizations are keeping the majority of contributions for their organization rather than actually giving to the cause they support. Here is just one of MANY articles listing the charities with the worst track records.

For us, the best organization you could help is Service Dog Project (SDP). There are many wonderful service dog organizations out there, but this one is special to us not only because I grew up there, but because 1) There are not many groups training Great Danes for service but there is a growing need. (Many veterans coming home from active duty not only need a dog for PTSD, but they may have traumatic brain injuries or amputations requiring them to need help with stability). 2) Speaking of veterans, this group give preference to them, and 3) They do not require the recipient to spent months or years fundraising thousands of dollars to pay for their dog. We understand that it is very expensive to raise and train service dogs, roughly $30,000 each, so we are not complaining about this practice. However, because SDP gives their dogs to anyone in need, asking that the recipient only pay what they can or volunteer for them if possible we believe that they are extremely deserving of maximum donations. We owe them more than we can every repay with money.

To help SDP you can go to their DONATE page or Chicken Brick page. Want to know more about their donation opportunities or just what in the world a Chicken Brick is? You can check out this Google Doc. Click on the Table of Contents then choose “Support SDP.”


  • Share our blog and Facebook posts. Don’t be shy to share ones that aren’t just cute and silly. Some of the most important information to spread isn’t fun or silly at all.
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  • Educate yourself and share the information
  • Be accepting. Be Kind. You will spread awareness through your actions.
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