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Animals really change lives

Mom and Dad are always talking about how great I am.  I believe them because that is what everyone says. You should know that I am not the only amazing animal out there, though. Of course, there are all the other Danes at SDP. They are just barktastic, but I wanted to share some really amazing stories about other great animals.

First of all, lets start with me. I am a mobility service dog. When I take Dad out places people always say that they have never seen a Great Dane service dog. It is true that we are a rare thing, but we serve a very specific purpose. You can’t have a 200 pound person using a 65 pound dog for stability. What if the person falls and tries to brace on the dog? They could both get really hurt like that.  According to the SDP website a balance dog should be 45% of a person’s height and 65% of their weight. That is why Danes are PERFECT for this job.  Sure, a small kid could use a Lab or Golden, but kids grow and you never know how fast or large they will grow. If you Google mobility service dog or balance service dog you will find that there are not a lot of us trained for this out there. (Just another reason Carlene and SDP are so wonderful!) So we totally get excited about other rare service animal stories!!!

If you follow me on Facebook you know that my parents and I like to share these cool stories about other service animals. I get really excited about some of them and Mom and Dad sometimes even cry!!! Then today I realized that some of you don’t use Facebook and it was really unfair that you have not seen these stories so I decided to share them here.

I sent Mom a message and she agreed to research more great stories and we will start sharing them here. I hope you like what we found.

This week I thought I could share this article featuring 8 very unique service animals. Did you know even a snake could be a service animal? We didn’t.  Mom really hopes she never meets one. Yikes!

8 Unusual Service Animals



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