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Thanks! Cheers! Merci! Gracias! Danke! Grazie! Domo! Asante!

Dan and I often question why we started this blog. Who could really be THAT interested in our lives? I know Casper is pretty amazing, but even he has limits to his ability to amuse, right? Sometimes we think that we are being totally narcissistic to be sharing our lives with all of you. And then something magical happens…

We get comments about how we brighten peoples day. We look at our stats and see readers from all over the world, especially England and Germany. Last Wednesday we learned that our post is helping a new widow find some inspiration to comfort and accept comfort from her rescued Danes.

Everyday there is a comment here or on our Facebook page (if you are not a fan please click like in the right hand column) that make us smile. laugh or cry. It is so uplifting to have you all out there. Even when we think what we have to share is pretty much a load of crap because we had no time to put a good post together (like this one!) we get such a great response from all of you.

I know that is astounds Dan when you compliment his writing or tell him what an inspiration he is. I especially thank you for this. I tell him all the time how wonderful he is and he never believes me. Do you see why I love him so much? This man is phenomenal!!!

And I am heartened by compliments about my writing, too. I have always wanted to be a writer but life got in the way and there was never time to do it. Now I have a simple outlet and I am so glad I don’t suck!

Of course, Casper is grateful as well. We let him know how much you love hearing about his adventures and he rewards you by getting into tricky situations day in and day out so we have more to share. You know that we never truly get mad at him. He is just too cute and sweet to be upset with for more than a few seconds. (Unless you are a cat. They don’t think he is cute at all. And they say he stinks and slobbers too much. Quite frankly they are utterly appalled by his mere presence most days.)

So, I hope I got my point across here. Thank you. In any language, any gesture, we mean it. You guys keep us going and inspire us to keep writing.

Oh, and don’t forget about Dave’s Wheelchair Fund for Wyatt! Please share that story and help us get this amazing young man his racing wheelchair.

written by LJS