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New Surroundings

Hi Friends –

I know it has been RUFF as of late to get a blog post done, so Dad said I could throw some kibble at the wall and see if it sticks here; no excuses or whining, just a fact.  What has been on my mind lately is making sure the family takes care of each other before posting here. It happens to us all I guess, especially during the holidays.

Last week was a short one, as far as having to drag Dad into the office. Relax, I didn’t actually drag him. I only mean to say that I enjoyed my extra days at home with my family. We didn’t do too much, which is odd. As you know we’re usually at a gallop if Dad is not working. I asked him about this sudden down time and he said he’s just at a time where he needs a recharge. I’m sure this is true because I don’t usually get pets when I take night watch and Mom and Dad have been up a lot at night. Dad says not to worry; I huffed and asked him to take his own advice. He assured me everything is fine, they just need to calm their minds and humans can have a tough time with this sometimes. I reminded him the only time that matters is NOW. (The same old theme; nothing new here.)

With the holidays in mind, I had a new experience to share with you all. We came into the office this week and from the outside everything was as it normally is. When we made it past the security check things changed.  On a wall, there was what Dad called “a wreath “. I said a WHAT? He said, a wreath, a wreath!  I said Geez Dad, speak English or something. I know you have cerebral palsy but when did the lisp start? He went on to try and explain it and said it’s a decorative band of foliage, from evergreen trees to symbolize strength, and in old religions were part of the harvest festivals to protect against plague and crop failure. How does he know this useless information? I gave him a head tilt and shook it off.  I can tell you I wasn’t pleased with this and needed to take a few moments and investigate to make sure it wasn’t going to fall and be a hazard. It has been a couple days now, I’ve accepted it and move past it now without pause.

The next day I noticed more holiday changes. There were banners hanging overhead. My guess was someone did laundry and the dryer broke, so they needed to hang it out to dry. Dad corrected me and said they represented holiday traditions from around the world to pay respect to others’ paths. I was satisfied enough to walk-on. As we walked I found something that I had to investigate. Apparently, humans decided that they like trees so much they take them indoors for the winter? I like trees so Dad took me to investigate. I sniffed around people…and I did this for a couple minutes. The trees were NOT REAL; take it from an expert. I looked up to the right with a head tilt, and had to ask! Dad says it is kind of the same as the wreath. It all relates to the winter solstice celebrations and the return to life and the light of spring. The practice of bringing a tree inside started in Germany, but they adopted it from older traditions and fables as far back as the Egyptians that told of new growth from a dead evergreen stump and symbolized new life and rebirth from what was thought to be dead. I stopped him there…this is very likely to get long and interrupt my well laid plans for a nap. Trees in the house, rebirth, offertory gifts, bark, bark, bark, got it…. (You can see the Dane learning here, right?) Then it happened… Wait, I get presents too, right? ‘Cause I can down-stay right here ya know? Dad says “of course buddy” (I really hope that Santa guy is hooked into Kuranda beds, my office space could use one of those).

Here’s looking forward to new adventures and busy weekends full of walks.

 written by DFS

An Uneasy Truce

Hi Friends –

I am so excited you guys I almost don’t know where to begin.  I think you all know this, but just in case I forgot to tell you, when I came home with Dad to my new home there were three cats already here. I usually call them basement monsters for fun but I know what they are (now). The problem is they don’t seem to want me around much. I was really starting to get depressed, so I talked to Dad on the ride to work one day. That’s where we really get to talk about things, ya know. I asked why Dad thought I never get to play with the kittehs. He said maybe it’s because I’m so much bigger than they are. That made no sense at all! I’m like one human year old and the old lady cat is seventeen; she’s WAY bigger than me. Dad laughed and said that bigger and older do not mean the same thing. I really don’t see the difference, he tells me all the time how the cats sat in his lap, I sit in his lap now, so…gawwwww, whatever…Dad asked me to trust him and try the down-stay whenever I want to see the kittehs. He’s been right a couple times, I guess, so maybe. He also asked me to try and not get so excited and that might help too. Apparently my running room to room doesn’t mean ‘C’mon follow me let’s play chase?’

I thought about it while we were in more of Dad’s boring meetings at work. I figured I’d give it a try since my way really only gets me hissed at, chased away, and clawed. Guess what you guys? As it turns out Dad is pretty smart (sometimes). I started with backing up, or just stopping in my tracks because I was too distracted to lay down. I couldn’t believe it; that actually worked better than running. Since then the kittehs have spent more time on my side of the gate. The fluffy black one (Winkie/Capt. Fluffy Tail) will greet me nose to nose. This is real progress people!

Mom has even helped me make friends with Lucy (sort of). She doesn’t like me but she will allow me to be within a foot of her while she demands her breakfast and dinner. This has been a lot more difficult than it sounds. I had to start by lying down on the kitchen floor while Mom stayed close to the gate in the dining area giving the kitteh pets. Mom then called me forward; I had to crawl but we did it. I made it all the way to the gate without losing the whisker she keeps telling me I’d lose! I really feel better knowing we’ve made progress and someday I may get to be friends them.

Hey, guys, Mom just finished editing this and sent Dad an email asking if she can post the old lady cat’s (I guess her name is Lucy) side of the story. I say go ahead. No way those basement monsters can say I am anything other than fair and unbiased. Apparently they have been talking in the morning after Dad and I leave. Well, I for one can’t wait to hear this!

Hello, Humans

My name is Lucy and I am quite offended reading that the mongrel calls me the “old lady.” I may be older than him but I am as spry as a kitten, let me tell you. I can still tear his big fat nose right off that slobber face if I wanted to. (Ok. I WANT to, but the humans would be mad and it’s not worth losing a comfy home and regular meals over.)

I have been with “Mom” for over 17 years. I am her baby. Really, until recently I didn’t like any other humans but her. Sometimes she makes me spitting mad, like when she brings home new animals! I had MANY cat and dog siblings over the years. The cats are ok, after a while. The dogs? DO NOT GET ME STARTED. I just don’t like them. Why would anyone want a giant slobber hunk of stink in their home? **sigh**

She even brought home those tiny humans. They were ok at first, loud, but smelled like milk. And they were warm. And I loved that nice enclosed bed they had. That was comfy. Then they learned to walk upright and all hell broke loose. The biggest one is ok now though. She knows how to hand out some prime pets now. But I digress.

So they bring home this giant of a mongrel a few months ago and I am all like. “Oh, hell no! I am NOT even trying to civilize another one of those. They never learn. See ya! I am moving my furry butt to the basement. Bring my food regularly and clean the poop box. I am OUT.”

I thought that after a while the humans would miss my lapsits. See, I like “Dad.” He is a pretty good guy, easy to train. Every night at 8pm I would demand that he sit on the couch and I would sit on his lap for 2 hours. Exactly. If he was late then he had to stay until I had my fill. (He was also good about feeding times. I like a well regimented household.) He LOVED lapsits and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he realized it was the mongrel or me. Once he figured it out he would get rid of that, that, DOG and things would be back to normal. I forgot how STUPID humans are.

So, recently I realized I was at a crossroads. Either I spend my twilight years in the basement with no pets or I finally put on a stiff upper lip and tell the dog who is boss around here.

I started slowly. I organized my crew and we all three made an appearance in the kitchen one morning. This was no easy task. Pixie and I have a sort of truce now that we have an even bigger enemy, but since she won’t bend the knee and recognize me as queen we will never be what you humans call “friends.” Winkie is easier to sway. He is a big fat chicken, but offering him a larger portion of wet food wins him over every time. There we stood. And it worked. That dog was flabbergasted!!! I was yeowling with laughter when they headed off to work.

After that he started calming a bit and that down-stay trick (dogs are so pliable to their master’s will) gets him more on my level. Of course his head is 3 times my size, but my fists of fury will get him if he gets out of paw.

Now I greet “Dad” every morning for pets and that dog is just beside himself about it. This was totally worth the wait. Now, I just have to get my lapsits back. I am not ready to face my foe in the living room. That has become his territory and I must get reinforcements before I brave that battle. I will keep you humans informed about my progress.

Also, here are photos of us. “Mom” shares way too many of that beast and not enough of us!

tabby cat


gray and white cat


black and white main coon

Winkie (Cap’n Fluffytail)


written by DFS and LJS