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SDP Retreat in Brief

Hi Friends –

You know I have to share my thoughts about our recent SDP outing. The day couldn’t get started fast enough for me. I know that Dad doesn’t get anywhere the number of naps I do in a day so I let him sleep in a couple hours longer than I do during the week. I also knew that we’d be driving and that can be stressful. If you’ve ever been on the Mass Pike to I-95, you know what I mean. Oh My Dog! I think half of the drivers need a nap and the other half need to pick a better time for a nap than when they hit the road. Seriously, people; we saw no less than three cars facing the wrong way in the median. Here’s a tip from a Dane who has full time 4xPAW drive. When it’s wet it’s really hard to run full speed and not wipe out. It’s like taking a nice long drink, drooling all over a tile floor and then trying to chase down a cat without gettin’ sideways; not likely.

I know where I am when we hit the curve on the exit ramp to SDP and I make Dad put my window down so I can stick my head out and get all the sniffs I can. Maybe it’s a dog thing. I have noticed that I hardly see humans with their heads out the window. I’ve asked Dad and he said that my nose is better equipped than people noses to pick up scents. I said he should try being a dog for a day. He didn’t seem interested; I have no idea why. Dad changed the subject. (Maybe it’s the butt sniff thing? Is that it?) Mom and Dad told me that this would be a special day because so many people were there to greet me from all over. “Ah, my adoring public,” I exclaimed. I was so excited to run up to everyone I saw, but I was reminded that I needed to mind my manors and stay close today. I was looking forward to a romp in the pond with Ivy or Mariah but after seeing all the activity on the farm I agreed to stay put.  I was ready to help Dad navigate the puddles, until I saw Grandma Luna that is. I was just so excited to see her looking so fit and trim, and besides, Dad’s a professional at taking a tumble and bouncing back. Sometimes I forget he’s not a Dane, other times I think he wants to do movie stunts. It’s pretty funny sometimes, have you seen it? What? Geez, I’m always there to pick him up and walk-on. I really love my job and I don’t want to get fired. I mean really, if you knew how much of my week I spent napping…oh…uh…this gig is HARD!

I’m sure we didn’t get a chance to meet each of you personally and if you wanted to, and did not stop us, you should have! Dad sometimes forgets to network, but he’s getting so much better at accepting his role as C.P.O. (Chief Paw Officer). That’s probably the reason Mom took my lead for a bit and let Dad hide out a bit. He said while I was with Mom he was talking to a new applicant. They had all sorts of questions and he’s always happy to talk your ear off about “the service.” Dad said they were brave to pick such a busy weekend. I really hope they get approved, Dad said they were really nice so I’m sure they will fit into the family with no problem.

He and Mom wouldn’t let me get a growl in most of the way home. (And I was napping, I was dog tired.)  I shared a new plan Dad and I talked about on the way to work the next day. I think we should have a “Friends of Casper the Friendly Dane” receiving line. That would have been a tail-wager! Imagine it, Mom, Dad and I getting to meet everyone! It could have been like a book signing with personal pawtographs and pictures and of course pets! I think we may have something here… maybe next time. I really thought that’s what the big chair was about, but it was just the puparazzi again. Dad read Daily Doggie to me and Carlene is hinting that she may be open to another pilgrimage next year! I’m already excited! Megan, get our table ready!

All joking aside, I really have to say that every human we met was so nice. I felt how much you loved each of us and it was pawsome! I know that without the love and support of each of you I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Mom and Dad are continuously surprised by the joys in our lives that have been bestowed upon them. We can only imagine what this path will hold, and we’re anxious to walk it together.

casper on giant chair

In case you missed this on his FB page (why are you not on his FB page?!?!)

written by DFS

SDP Retreat!!!

So, many of our readers are what you call, “CPs.” For those of you who are new around here, let me explain. This is not for “cerebral palsy” in this case; it is for “camera peeps.” These are the loyal supporters of SDP who watch the dogs day in and day out on the Explore.org cameras. Casper was in the very first litter to be born live on camera so he has a LOT of wonderful fans. (He was actually not born on camera since he was the last of the litter and unexpectedly born in a van on the way to the vet!)*

This weekend is a big retreat at SDP for all the amazing CPs from all over the country. It has been in the planning for months and months and now it is here!!!!

I have to admit, Dan and I are not wild about being there in the midst of all this chaos. (I mean, we love Momma Chaos, but other chaos not so much.) We are not crowd people. BUT we know that Casper is so loved and pretty much an SDP celeb so if we don’t show up you all might lynch us. Plus, we have had SO MUCH support from you all that we do want to meet you face to face. So, we are willing to brave the gauntlet so that we can reap the rewards.

We do have a few things we want to request of all of you before we get there, though. (We will be there Sunday, probably around 11 ish.) This will just make it easier for us all and much more enjoyable.


1. Because of all the extra people and because who knows what other danes will be there Casper will be on his lead. He is very big now, but still a pup, so he does not always practice the best manners with other dogs. He is TOO friendly and wants to play and hop in other people’s cars, too. For now we are keeping him on lead until he can get over his wild teen stage.

This means that he will be attached to Dan. Normally at SDP we let Casper off duty, and Dan WILL have his cane so that if I want to walk with Casper or someone else does, then we can do that. But, if he is on lead and you call out “CASPER!!!!” he might just pull Dan right down in the excitement.

So we are asking, pretty please, DO NOT CALL OUT TO CASPER WHEN YOU SEE HIM.

Of course, we want you to meet him!! So, please just come up and introduce yourself (we don’t know what any of you look like!!! and even if we have met once we might not remember a name) and then you can give Casper all the loves you want!

2. NO FOOD FOR CASPER. Most of you know we have him on a special diet. This means that most dog treats are even bad for him right now. And even if you think that a bit of hamburger patty is ok… it’s not. We don’t give him any people food. (Unless he steals it but we have that under wraps now.)

We are going to bring special treats he is allowed to have so that if anyone wants to give him one you can.


We don’t want to sound like those obnoxious new parents that make you wear a mask before holding baby, but these 2 things will make our lives much easier.

We really are excited about seeing you all and getting to know you!!!

One more thing: you know Casper is fighting off some systematic yeast. This makes him kind of stinky. Sorry. We will make sure he is all clean, but you might notice the smell. It is not horrible, but just a bit of stank. We are working in that.

*If you don’t know all our abbreviations, places or things we are always referring to please check out our Glossary page.


written by LJS