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Fun on the Farm

Hi friends –

Mom asked me to write about something fun today. Things have been kind of serious around here lately, other than my human’s making fun of the color of my “output”, but I’m glad we can all laugh as we learn.

The times that I really get to kick up some dust are the days we spend visiting our SDP friends, and to me that is REALLY fun! It’s always nice to see Momma (Chaos) and Grandma (Luna), even though neither seemed overly interested in extended greetings. That’s alright, we all have our dog-days; I understand. They could tell I was just excited to run around the farm again. It seems like it has been awhile since we were there for Sunday stew and I was so happy.  Any day on the farm is great now because I know it’s just a fun day and I get to go home with my people and not camp out in the nut-house. Not that the kennels aren’t nice on the farm, but I really like working with Dad.

One thing I couldn’t figure out, and didn’t bother to ask is why Mom and Dad brought apples with them.  I thought it was funny because who wants fruit at a pot-luck. (Other than our human puppy, Alyssa, I mean?) Oh great Apples! – said no pot luck attendee ever! As it turned out, they brought other items for the humans. The apples were for Lincoln and Crosby (the horses) and Clementine (the miniature donkey). I was there while they ate their treats, and boy it makes me wonder why I have to try and be so neat when I have dinner or drink a bowl of water. Apple juice and pulp ran all down their mouths. I am a dog and even I thought it was gross. I’m just pointing out the double standard here folks. Clementine, though, was a neat little lady about it.

What makes Sunday stew so special is that we all get to see our friends from all over the area. This time I got to see quite a few of my puppy friends and their human’s, it was great! I was really excited to see Tye this time! It’s been so long that I even jumped into his family’s truck when Dad had his back turned. I kind of got us in trouble for that, but it’s okay, I just need to be close to Dad more often. That probably means more time on a lead until I learn my manners a little better.  Oh well.

Speaking of pack rules, humans know about hierarchy, right? Well, it means that we agree to pack leaders and subordinates in all the packs we’re part of. This day Bentley decided that I needed to be reminded that he out ranks me. I really didn’t think I needed the refresher, he just has to look my way and I start to crouch down in submission, but what’s a dog to do? He was in the mood to give several examples. One time we were all playing king of the hill on a pile of stone dust. The game was fun for a minute, until Sergeant Bentley came over, ignored all the rules, ran to the top and declared “I’m the king!”  The fun was sucked right out of that game! The next time I was running along the fence line in front of the pond showing everyone how fast I could do wind sprints. I really was just trying to impress Megan (my favorite trainer). She says I’m “her lobster.” I’ll have to ask Dad what that means; it can’t be bad, because she smiles and I like the tone when she says it. Then Mia joined me and we started to wrestle and play bitey-face.  That was when Sergeant Bentley showed up to end that game too! New orders must have come down from the Major that said no fun is allowed at Sunday Stew or something.  I really have never challenged his position, and have no intention of trying. I totally submitted this time. I presented my belly and everything! No tail tuck was going to work here! I really think I ended up winning this one because Mom, Dad and Megan yelled at him. I wanted to wag my tail but I didn’t dare. Actually, as Megan was yelling at Bentley to “down” I started to down, too. Mom had to reassure me that I was not the one in trouble, but when Megan commands I do it!

Soon after my encounter with Sergeant Bentley at the fence line the gates opened up to my favorite place on the farm, other than the food barrel, I mean. That’s right…The POND! You all know that I’m one Dane that loves the water. I made my way in pretty quickly. What made this even more fun is that Mariah joined me for some laps around the pond.  Boy is she fast; she really embodies her name and runs like the wind! I kept running into the pond to cool off and to take shortcuts so I wouldn’t get lapped. I think she caught on though because she kept offering a play bow at the shore and barking at me to get out of the green algae covered water. She was grossed out, especially when I drank it. It was bark-tastic! She is such a GIRL. She kept yelling “Eww, gross. Get out of there and play like a civilized dog!” Jokes on her; when I am at a pond I am NOT civilized.

To finish the day Dad and Mom decided to take a trip over to Salem again. They had some shopping to do and decided to get dinner.  Oh, you know what else? We had a successful meeting there with a pup I’m pretty sure is a cousin. Right inside of a store there was a brindle greyhound. We saw eye to eye, quite literally, and made friends quickly. The humans greeted as well and we parted company with no barking or pulling from either side. Mom and Dad were proud, and I was worn out. I slept all the way home.

written by DFS

Taste the Rainbow

Hi Friends –

Mom & Dad sure have been taking over the blog, huh? I know, right? I had to give Dad “the Dane eyebrow” to get some time on here again. Of course, it worked, it always works. I have him wrapped around my paw. There was a condition, there’s always a condition. Dad convinced me to talk about what I’ve been up to recently when my service vest is off in order to get back on the blog. He is Alpha, so I guess its okay. Mom and Dad laughed about it afterward; sometimes the laughter takes longer to start than other times, but they do laugh eventually.

As you may know the human puppies have another pack they share their time with. I think that is wonderful and I’ve talked about expanded pack structures in past posts so it’s all pawsome. What this means, though, is that we spend time missing them and the energy they bring. I was having some of these moments recently.  Tie this in with the fact that I really don’t see why Dad, if he’s so much the pack leader, can’t get his tail out of bed at 5 A.M on the weekend, too, and it spells trouble. A dog needs his food in order to be ready for those, at a moment’s notice, wake-up and work things. When he doesn’t get up it impacts the rest of us in the pack, even those furry meowing basement monsters. (Who by the way, are starting to come out more often!) What’s a Dane to do, but take action? I decided that if I don’t get breakfast and a walk, and I have to miss the puppies then I would go into their room and explore. I found all sorts of wonderful smelling and tasting things.  So what did I find? Good question! I found some stuffies on the littlest pup’s bed. I was gentle, and just carried it around, and slobbered on it. (Don’t tell her, it’s one of her favorites) I also brought down one of the oldest pup’s new boots. (It didn’t fit me.) Again, with that one I just carried down to the living room. I didn’t really get in trouble for that since I used a soft mouth, just like we’re taught. For most that may be enough, but they also left some things in their room that Mom & Dad didn’t know about, like people cookies, candy and waxy sticks that Mom called cray-ons. I don’t know what a cray is or why you’d put it on anything, after tasting it! I figured they were an acquired taste though, so I tried about ten of them. I’m not sure I acquired the taste. I can tell you that I sure did like the people food I found, most of it was sugary sweet and didn’t taste like my bison food at all, but boy was it gooood.  The only problem was I really need to ask the puppies to take their food out of the bags and wrappers next time. I mean I CAN get into them but it’s rather noisy and I tend to get caught in the act.

I can tell you one thing for sure there will be no more cray-ons being nibbled by this Dane, they didn’t make my tummy feel good and I had poop trouble. I couldn’t go like I usually do. Dad even gave me an extra walk and lots of fresh water to work it through me. I thought I was OK so the next morning we headed out for the day. There was a quick trip to Dunkin’ Donuts (Mom and Dad run on Dunkin’…maybe they’re followers and appreciate the plug? –Coupons?– Hey, it’s worth a try). After that we decided it was good to get the week’s groceries before SDP so we wouldn’t all be too tired to go after our visit.  Looking back now, I should have asked for a walk because things really started moving once we were in the store for a few minutes. Maybe it’s the fact that I still dislike the noisy freezer cases, I don’t know. What I do know is that we had a colorful experience right in the middle of an aisle, and I didn’t even slow down to let Dad know it happened.  The only reason he knew was someone yelled “Oh My Gawd” and Mom looked over to me. Mom said “I’ll finish up the shopping and you boys take care of that!” Dad had to stop laughing before he picked up the green, blue yellow and orange in the pile. He asked Mom if she was sure she didn’t want to take a look at the pretty colors. I don’t know why she wasn’t interested.  (I felt really bad about doing this and was shaking afterwards. Mom and Dad both told me it was ok so I calmed down then.) It is a good thing we carry cardboards and bags in my pack.  An employee came over with a spray bottle and a roll of towels to help but Dad had it all bagged. Dad laughed again because she stood there talking to Dad while he was on his knees on the floor. It was a very nice conversation, but he really wanted the cleaner. He had to ask specifically and she laughed, saying “oh, yeah sure” with a chuckle, like she forgot why she was there. Dad cleaned the floor. Added the towels to our gift bag and I braced, to get him up. The employee asked if Dad wanted help getting up. Dad laughed again, and said “No thanks, this is what he’s supposed to do” She offered to take the bag, assuring us she has big dogs as well. In the following days I have been feeling much better.

The puppies will also be required to clean their kennel and keep all people food and art gear in the accepted places where there is no chance for any of us to get in trouble next time. I’m not worried though, I can always find something to get into.