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Happy Howlidays!!!

Hi Friends –

We’ve been thinking of you and hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.  I have been having so much fun with the family, and have been so busy that we run out of time in the day to write and tell you all about it. The catch to all this is when I did get to talk to you more I didn’t have to try and remember all the doggone crazy that happens. With that in mind I do want to say Thank You, to everyone who has extended such warm wishes to me and my human family. There are so many of you that sent Facebook messages, cards and emails that brightened all of our days.  Your support is always so amazing.

This was my first Christmas away from SDP (I love SDP) and with my forever family. Christmas morning was pretty great. The human puppies and I got Mom and Dad out of bed so could see what Santy Paws brought for us. I know Santy but I didn’t know that he would come and visit our houses just like he stops into SDP every year. We live in a condo with no Chimney, so he used the Magick key that Mom leaves on the door knob. It’s a special key that only works for Santy Paws; after he drops off gifts he locks up and puts the key on the tree for the little human puppy to find. I was so happy to see him that I let him in without even a growl. I knew that if I woke the puppies we’d never get them back to sleep. Santy said that he was very proud of me and he left me and the cats all kinds of toys. I got things like stuffies, antlers, and he even left this box that Mom and Dad have to use but it’s really for me. It’s this machine called a dehydrator. He said it was so they could make me treats out of meat without having to go completely raw or buy questionable “grain free” items in a store. Wait, I get MEAT as a TREAT? To quote the little human puppy, “Booya! Score!”  I can’t wait, if there is one thing that is better than cookies, it’s meat! As soon as Dad got up I showed him the box, this is all I could talk about for awhile. I told him all about how Santy Paws came and left us all gifts, and how I can have meat as a treat. Dad seemed impressed and said we can try it this week. I’m SO excited. This is going to be almost as good as steaks in a case you guys! No, better, because I never did get a steak from that stupid case! I played with my toys all morning while the human puppies did the same. I was glad when dad took me for walks because I was so busy I forgot to ask a few times (Dad knows me pretty well).  Oh, another Christmas thing I need to share with everyone. Have you heard of this drink called Eggs-log, or Eggsnog? Oh whatever, you know what I mean, I know you do!  I don’t know what happened to the eggs but Ohhmydog that stuff is delicious. If you haven’t checked it out you need to! I stole some from the puppy’s cup when she wasn’t looking. It was so good I told the cats, and they grabbed a few licks too before Mom took it away. She was afraid I’d get a belly ache or something. Dad seemed to be guarding his cup pretty well over the past couple days, I’m not sure what that’s all about? We ended our Christmas night by curling up on the couch together and watching the most important thing on television. Of course, I’m talking about Doctor Who. It was such a roller coaster; everyone was so happy The Doctor was back, but we knew that not only do we have to wait for the new season but we have to say good-bye to Matt Smith. He’s Dad’s first Doctor so it’s hard for him, even though he says he’s excited for Peter Capaldi and appreciates the past as well. That’s all I’m allowed to say about the show just in case you haven’t seen it. I don’t like spoilers.

So this was all the highlights of my Holiday. I hope yours was just as joyous. I can’t wait to share with you all in the New Year, so please keep coming back and we’ll be sure to be here.

Magic is Everywhere

Hi Friends –

I have to share with you some pretty great things that happened this weekend. (Spoiler, pretty much all of this has to do with Spirit.)  I understand if you opt out… still with me? Good! Mom and Dad finished their ten week Prosperity Plus course at Unity of Greater Hartford. (This is the building I’m always telling you we go and talk to Spirit.) It was led by our very own Aina Hoskins who is a wonderful life coach as well as member. If anyone thinks they may be interested in her services she is an amazing person. Trust me you guys I’m an SDP Dane, if there is one thing we can do its pick good people. From what I can tell the course was about getting in touch with your inner Dane. How to appreciate everything that life is and draw that to you. Part of it is that money stuff Dad uses to get my food, but that is only a very small part. Prosperity is about changing the way you chose to think about what you see and how you react to life’s conditions. Dad needs to do a lot more work on this, in certain areas, but he has a strong drive so I know he’ll be okay. Mom, well, I worry about her less but they really just need to get out of their own way. The human puppies were with us for about half of the time; even though they pretend not to listen just being there in the same room with focus like that has to cause a little shift so it’s worth it. Of course, I liked it too; all of the people there love me so much my tail wags the entire time. After the class wrapped we socialized, my favorite part! Dad was happy to talk to his friends too, especially Miss Catherine, but I could tell he was anxious to hit the road.

We loaded up in the truck and headed north. I reminded Dad that our route would bring us close to SDP, just in case I could talk him into a run around the pond and a meeting with Momma Chaos’ puppies. He said our schedule was too tight for that. I understood, because I know if he could, he’d always stop in to say hello. We were on our way to one of Dad’s favorite places, Salem, MA. Mom & Dad wanted to make good on one of their birthday gifts to the youngest human puppy; her very first Tarot reading with our Strega friend, Leanne. Before we visited her we made a stop for people snacks at Gulu-Gulu Café across the street. Mom and Dad love this place, too. It has to be good because the staff is super nice and they have a Boston Terrier as a mascot. (Next door the same owner have a pizza place with a pug mascot!) Ahh, dog people! We didn’t do much walking around because of the weather and the time of night, but my Tootlewear coat made it so much better. The people that I did get to meet were so much nicer than when we last visited in October, but that is a crazy party, and really nobody’s fault. Dad says I did great for being such a young pup. I’m sure I will conquer that next year! (Puppy steps)

I had my dinner next to the truck, (Dad brings me food and water on long days) so I was full, but they insisted on stopping for food. I understood once Dad said it was for them. (They eat a lot, just sayin’.) They stopped at On the Border in Woburn, MA. It was Saturday but said they’d be OK to brave the possibility of crowds and long waits. As it turned out the wait was totally reasonable and the people we met were nice. I could tell that the family was just riding the good feeling of the day. The food was really good, despite the fact that Dad questions chains. A few minutes goes by after they get their food when the waitress smiles and checks on them. She goes away for a few more minutes and comes back asking if they’d be ordering dessert? Mom and Dad thought it odd that she asked so soon, and said No, thank you…? She smiles again and walks away. A few more minutes go by and our waitress comes back. I was thinking, boy she really likes me!  She smiles and tells Mom and Dad that the reason she checked on us so often and asked about our dessert plans was that a gentleman in the bar, who wished to remain anonymous, had paid for their meal. By now, you know that Dad has a soft side so his eyes glassed over with appreciation, but he’s in public so he did a decent job with the “cowboy up” thing. The entertaining part about it is that this is exactly what their Prosperity Plus course was about; being open to allowing the flow of good to appear. They must have learned something to have this happen. They quickly agreed that we at least wanted to thank this gentleman. Mom took out one my business cards and wrote a note on the back. By the time Mom could flag down staff to give it to he had left. Dad says he has in mind who it might be, but isn’t sure. Mom said that the staff had presented him with coupons for being so generous so they are sure he’ll be back. Mom entrusted them with the card and we all hope that it will find him. We also hope that he has the chance to read this blog post and know just how thankful we are for kindness. I know he was sent from Spirit. Thank you for sharing your message.

Sunday came around and it is another chance to go and be with Spirit. Today though was a special day because Rev. Steve Cordry was a guest this week, and we all love him very much. For any of our readers out his way, he is co-founder of Shine on Cape Cod. We will visit when the weather warms, I’m sure. His sermon was on peace, faith and magic. Mom and Dad thought it was very fitting since we spent time in Salem the day before. After the service we had the chance to catch up with Rev. Steve, which is always great.

I can hardly wait to see what Dane-tastic things will be welcomed in the future.


written by DFS