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Update on Mystical Elements

We are overwhelmed with the support we have received from Casper’s fans and SDP family. Thank you all. We feel comforted by the love and know that you all have our back.

We do want to ask that while educating others, especially this shop owner and staff, is exactly our intent, we do not want to do so in a threatening or mean-spirited way. I have not gotten that impression from anyone in particular, but I am sure she feels under attack and I want to make it clear here that attack is not anyone’s intent.

We have no intention of ever shopping there again, but we leave that decision up to everyone individually. This is not a situation that we feel calls for a business to be in ruins, but for that business to reevaluate itself and their outlook. I think you all have done an excellent job in helping us achieve that.

Here is a message we posted on Facebook yesterday if you are not on there to see it:

Update on Mystical Elements: We got an message from Harry DeutscheDogge‘s mom. She has been to this shop with a friend and met the owner. She called the store and spoke with the owner, who was the woman who ran us out. The woman apologized. She said she let her instinct guide her and now knows that it was the other dog’s fault. She feels she is more educated now.
We appreciate the apology and wanted to share it because we try to be fair in all matters. We will still not be patrons at this store again because this experience ruined that shop for us personally. 
We love you all and appreciate your support. The shop was emailed by us already and I will email again thanking her for the apology but telling her our business is still lost. 
We ask that you all do what you feel best doing. Just remember to try and do everything with kindness in your heart and without anger or revenge in your hearts. That is what we do our best to do. It is about education.

In addition to this we received a message from the shop owner via email today:

Casper and family

I am incredibly sorry for your experience today. This is definitely a lesson learned today. I also understand the momma bear syndrome. I lost two dogs this year, Aly 16 in Feb and Finn 16 or 17 (he was a rescue) in June, both Golden Retrievers.  Unfortunately all our furry customers are not always well behaved and I am sorry Casper had to go through that. We do love our furry customers and actually keep  treats behind the counter for them. We actually have several dogs who come to visit us on a regular basis.

I understand your taking your business elsewhere but should you ever be in the village again please stop by for a treat.

I heard about the incident while traveling today but have discussed this at length with my employees.

Again I wanted to apologize to you personally.

Mystical Elements
27 Coogan Blvd Bldg 8J
Mystic, CT 06355
Again, we thank you all for making a tough day much easier. Now, off to SDP for some fun!
written by LJS