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Working like a Dog

Hi Friends –

We have been working like a dog so we haven’t posted as often as I’d like to. Let’s see if I can recount some of my days since you joined me last. I’ve been learning a lot about how to help Dad navigate his office and throwing in my own twists when I get the chance. Just to share a couple “ruff” points without stepping into what I may have to ask Mom to add to PSA Monday post. Dad was telling me this first one was something he didn’t even consider before we teamed up. I notice that a lot of humans like to use the extra wide restroom stalls even when there is no reason and with several standard size stalls open. This is particularly a problem for me because I WILL NOT go into a standard stall. Now try and fit in one with your human; it just doesn’t work. We need to stay together when we’re out because our humans can get into trouble with others if we roam the rest room. Imagine if someone opened the door and let us out, then our human would be alone. This is not good service dog form. The other day Dad and I both needed to ‘do our business’, I’m easy, I go outside and come in. Dad had to go to four different rooms to get a stall. Granted there are other differently abled humans at work, but what are the chances that they all needed a break at the same time? I just had to share that one; it makes me barking mad sometimes!

The second was just a cool way to stay while he does things like pay for and prep coffee. We agreed that if I stand across the front of him and lean into the counter, and then I let him lean against my side placing by chest into the side of his knee so that I’m trapped on 3 sides it’s easier for me and to stay without being distracted. I like it; it’s sort of like a hug. I like hugs. Hugs are good. Hugs are my favorite. So are pets. And kisses. And dog cookies. And naps. Anyway, I thought I’d share how we do it; maybe it’ll work for you. I know those weren’t goofy and fun but Dad says there are a whole pack’s worth of things that are new so I like to share.

Thinking of the restroom made me remember a quick funny. We were at the office the other day and Dad had gone in to wash up. As we came out I was distracted by the coffee shop and baked goods. (I told you how I’d like to get to a cup of coffee right?) I stood on his foot and he fell over. (Human’s really should have been designed better. Two feet..Really? How inefficient) the barista came over and scolded me for not helping Dad. It was funny, as I was bracing for him while he got up, she said Gus why didn’t you help him. (I must have used that as a cover once) Dad explained that he falls and I help him to get up, and it’s OK. We laughed at how such a little lady could growl like that. She always jokes how she’s going to give me an iced coffee, I haven’t seen one yet… The coffee ladies are nice.

What else happened this week? Oh, I know! Mom gave a dinosaur made out of the same chew guard fabric as Khaleesi. I named him Brutus (the Brontosaurus). This is great because now that Khaleesi doesn’t talk any more I brought her to the office.  Now I have toys in both places! Bruno is really cool too. I was so happy to see him when we got home we spent a long time playing and running through the house. I ran through all the rooms, up on the couch and back down. It was like my own track. Dad laughed, especially when I flipped Brutus behind the couch and he had to rescue him for me.

Today in the parking lot at work I saw this fuzzy tail. Dad called it squirrel. I really like them! Dad had no idea, but found out quickly! I spotted it way before he did. He waited me out until I acted like I wasn’t interested any more. Dad’s almost too good at picking up my tells. I gotta start playin’ poker with Dustin or something. As we walked on I saw it again and tried to run after fuzzy tail. I pulled Dad down to a knee, but he’s REALLY strong and stopped me cold. Fuzzy tail was too far away so I got back to work, helped Dad up and walked to my office bed. I know we had other funnies to share but I feel like Carlene when her head hits the nnnnnnnnn key so maybe Mom and Dad can help me remember more for my next post. Until then keep reading my blog and following me on Facebook so I can get my own domain. Mom and Dad have some good ideas for my site and if you keep reading this circus might just take off like a Dane off lead!

Thank you to all my readers, I love you all!

written by DFS
edited by LJS