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Dinner and a Movie

Today I let Dad and Mom sleep in; I know Dad hasn’t been feeling well. I didn’t get them up until 7:00am. I didn’t let them sleep too late because I knew we had things to do. Dad likes to go out for breakfast on the weekend, so we went to my favorite place with the bacon and sausages. I haven’t had any yet but they smell wonderful. I did get to sit at my favorite table and  they left me some home-fries on the floor and I think it was cooked next to the bacon.  Shaping up to be an interesting day! After breakfast Mom had some chores and Dad and I had a Vet appointment for me. We took Mom’s car and I noticed that there were lights on that I never saw before. I asked Dad to fix it but he said we needed to go to my appointment first. So we made it to my appointment on time and dropped a coffee off to Mom doing here chores. Doc says I’m healthy, I weighed in at 108 pounds and the yeast infection in my ears is clearing up nicely. He wants me to keep using the drops they gave me to make sure it clears completely. The Doc also gave me flea and tick protection. I’m happy about that because fleas really bug me. No puppy wants those. I also took my heat worm cookies today. After the Vet we stopped to turn off the extra lights on Mom’s dashboard. The car Vet said that they forgot to make sure the car shoes had the right amount of air  in them. I don’t understand that. There is air all around us, how putting it in car shoes matters is funny. Mom will be safe and that’s all that really matters to me.

When Dad and I got home Mom was done with her chores. We decided that we should go to lunch and a movie. We had lunch at an outdoor mall and it was a nice day for a walk. I took them to a store that had all dog items; it was really great. Dad bought me a chew stick, that was nice but the best part was that I also got to meet some other dogs. One was an adopted dog named Chewy. He was definitely part bull dog and maybe boxer or pittie too. He was bridle like either of them and not as round and smooshy as a bull dog. Mom and Dad thought he was really cute. I barked at him because I was super excited to meet but we both calmed down and made friends. Then another dog came in and she was a really pretty blond. I thought about barking but she was so pretty that I kinda got nervous for a second. Dad reminded me to just be cool so I held back and it worked really well. As I walked Dad and Mom back to the truck we met two other smaller dogs. I tried the laid back approach again and it worked! I can’t promise I’ll remember this, but I will try. We had some extra time after our walk so we relaxed at home for awhile.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to the movies so I was excited to check it out. There were a lot of amazing smells and a bunch of human puppies and their parents. I made sure Dad made it to our seats safely. I laid down between Mom and Dad on a towel that Mom brought me and practiced my down-stay. It was a good choice in seats because there were two kids in front of us with really good smelling food. I was good, though. I didn’t try to take any, I just enjoyed the smells and being out.  After the movie I really felt that I needed to get Dad and Mom out quickly so I walked a little fast but Dad kept up.

After the movie, Mom had more chores at her old kennel space. I’m really happy we all live together now. Tomorrow I think we get to go back to the SDP farm to see Carlene, Earlene, Megan, Maria and all my family. I hope to see you there!


written by DFS
edited by LJS