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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Hi, Friends!
You all remember what happened earlier this week when I told you that I thought Halloween came early this year, right? If not, check out THIS POST, I’ll wait…
So we know we’re still in September and Halloween is over a month away, but things around here are getting really strange. It all started when one of the monsters came up this morning and sat right on the couch next to Mom and Dad. I was put into a down-stay and they said I did well. I was a little sad because I really wanted to play. It’s alright though because the kitty didn’t seem interested in play; she hissed a lot with her ears back. I mostly starred. Mom says we are getting closer to being friends. I don’t know, but maybe soon we can play together.
I really thought that things couldn’t get any weirder, but you really never know with my family. We loaded up into the truck and we went for a ride. This is pretty normal so I wasn’t worried but I did ask where we were  going. Dad said we were going to a fair. I said great, that sounds fun, fried dough and carnival rides, maybe a tractor pull?  That sounds fun, right? Nope, not in this house. I ended up at this place where all kinds of people had costumes on; they were dressed weird and talked funny. I asked dad, what kind of fair this was supposed to be! He smiled and said it was  a Renaissance Faire. It’ll be fun, he said. You’ll like it, he said. Alright I’ll try to get past everyone talking funny and I’ll do my best with the funny clothes, after all I’m a working dog with a job to do.
I settled Dad into the ticket line and greeted several people. We thought we’d be in for a long wait, but this day was one full of surprises. A really nice lady who worked for the Faire came over with two tickets and gifted them to us with a smile. She said “I know you’ll be the center of attention and you may never get out of here with a such a handsome horse like that at your side. Enjoy your day!” We are amazed every day at the kindness of all of those we meet.
We did meet all manor of folk dressed in all kinds of different outfits. There were people that had what I thought were squirrels hanging from their dresses. Maybe they were keeping them for when they get hungry? There were ladies in long flowing dresses, men in helms and armor, and even some dressed as,  what Mom told me later, were gypsy outfits. I know one thing for sure. I do not like those jingly-jangly noises they made as they walked by; they make me nervous and my legs shook. I needed a break after meeting those ladies for sure! After our break we continued around the village meeting everyone we could.
There were a few that were special, and in no particular order. We met a family that had a son with autism. I didn’t see anything all that different about him. We connected while Mom and Dad talked about how a service dog may help their family too. We told them all about SDP and that maybe one of my family could help, or maybe another wonderful organization, you never know. Another was a wonderful family who’s daughter was in a wheelchair. As we talked with them about Danes as service dogs, we learned she has a service dog who was at home. This seemed strange, so I asked why her dog wasn’t here to meet me. She said her dog didn’t have the same work ethic as me and wasn’t much help to her. Of course we shared details on SDP and and our last business card in case they wanted to check into having a Dane in their family. I hope they do because they seems like a really great family too! We also hope they will follow this blog. The third meeting that was memorable, was more fun for me than my people but this is my story, so there! I met another service dog. She sure was a pretty girl. She was tall like me, but she was a sheepdog, so she was all shaggy and soft. A sheepdog in a shirt. That’s right, she had her own costume, that was fun. We greeted really calmly and our people were very impressed.
As we continued our journey we crossed paths with a small parade of people that really scared me. The parade was really loud and had these instruments Mom called bagpipes. I can tell you this, I DO NOT like those! I got so scared that I backed up as far as I could and we ALL practiced our down-stay until it was done. While we were there, though, we met a vendor who used to breed Danes for service as well. I don’t remember what her organization was called but what matters is that she was also very kind and understanding while I was taking a break. After the parade I helped Dad up and we continued about our way.
I’d have to say that it was a fun day. We all look forward to bringing the human puppies. Mom says that there is a Trick or Treat weekend. That sounds interesting; I’m excited to see what that is! I hope I get a treat!
written by DFS