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Invasion of the Basement Monsters

Hi Friends –

Everything has been going so smoothly, I haven’t broken anything lately. I haven’t eaten anything I’m not supposed to. I’ve even been taking my pills like a good boy. (It helps that Dad hides it on a banana chip with peanut butter covering it, but still…). I thought I wouldn’t have anything to share with you this week (Dad’s been working on ability posts to fill in for me).  With this in mind, you can see how I would be surprised when I went downstairs for breakfast and all of that changed.

I really thought Halloween may have come early this year, I know that this is my Dad’s favorite so it wouldn’t surprise me. I asked Dad what day it was. As soon as I did I knew I made a mistake. He said “Hump-DAAY! – Woot Woot!” Alright…yes, it is that. I asked again, the date, what’s the date? He said “September 18th, why?” I walked him to the kitchen and pointed. Dad asked if I’d been watching Animal Planet shows again. He said Danes were bred to hunt, not point, there are no birds here, what are you doing? Finally he looked. All three basement monsters were up in the kitchen! I didn’t chase because I have never seen this and honestly didn’t know what to do. Dad was so happy and he immediately gave me a ‘down-stay’ command. I didn’t follow it, because my Dane-brain was processing three monsters on the same surface with me in the room! The best I could do was to keep my distance and stare. The only thing I could think was weeping angel, weeping angel, don’t blink, DON’T BLINK! (We love our Doctor Who…it rubs off; Whovians back me up here!) Both of the girls, Lucy and Pixie were right in the middle of the floor staring me down and yelling at me, even Winkie was there. He retreated a bit, but only a few feet. This gets even more nightmarish. Dad bent down and gave pets to all of them! Yep, he gave them my pets. I could hardly believe it! If I was blinking I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

The basement monsters eventually did go back behind their gate, but not until Dad filled both the wet and dry bowls.  After that I felt much more comfortable. I went to the open gate and greeted Winkie. He’s the silent Zen type and much more approachable. (The girls will tell me where to go and point the way.) We exchanged sniffs and I even gave him a small lick. I think now, that was kind of crossing a bro-line but I was nervous, I didn’t know what to do. He was like, whoa dude…sniffs bro, sniffs are cool, and licks are reserved and I’m not there yet. Lucy and Pixie kept an eye on me the entire time they ate and even until we got out the door.

As soon as we loaded up in the truck I had to talk to Dad. I said, “What in DOG’s name was that?!” He laughed at me, and said that this is what they’ve been waiting for. You’ve been waiting for a monster invasion? Laughing he said, no we want all of our family together and feeling free to roam around. He went on to tell me that before I joined the pack Lucy used to sit right on his lap every night! Winkie used to give him head-buts and even sleep on his side of the bed, all night! And, Pixie used to sit right next to him on the couch purring away. I could hardly believe my ears. I thought for sure I had yeast in them. I checked, they’re clear, and I DID just hear that. He then told me that other Danes from my SDP pack have cats in their packs home; for example, Perry. He said that Perry learned to ‘down-stay’ when he sees a cat. Lola has a cat too! That’s why Dad asked me to try it. I figure if Perry can do it, I can too. The next time I see him I’m going to ask him about this. Maybe he can give me tips. If it makes my pack happy, I’ll work on it every chance I get.

written by DFS

Learning to Stay Calm and Carry On

Hi Friends –

I know I haven’t posted in awhile. Things just seem to be moving at a speed that’s even hard for me to keep up with, and you know how fast a Dane is right? I’m sure you’ve heard that we are getting ready to drive to Oklahoma. I’m tail-wag happy that I get to meet Mom’s family. She is an amazing woman so I have no doubt those that raised her are as well. Mom says I’m going to get to meet a lot of people and some new animal friends. Dad and I can’t wait to see what lies between New England and Oklahoma. I am so excited that I’ll get to share this with all of you. I know it’s going to be bark-tastic, but that’s looking ahead and you want to know what this secret service Dane has been up to, so let’s get to that.  

The past week has been filled with mostly boring routines.  Dad and I have been in the office all this week so I’ve been napping most of the time.  I’m sure I told you that we’ve been working on my stairs; that is going well and I’m getting much better at not taking several stairs at a time. This is good because when I first saw a full flight of stairs I wanted to take two or three at a time going up. (At home I can take 4 at a time when I race upstairs with the human puppies!) The down was more of a controlled fall according to Dad, and trust me he knows a controlled crash when he sees one. Dad says when he was a puppy his physical therapists specifically taught the art of crashing into the floor and how to do it with crutches and other items either on you or near you without breaking body parts. He must be a black-belt because he has never broken anything; unless you count his head, that’s been stitched several times, and may explain a few things for those of you who have met him in person.  (Don’t worry we can joke since we’re a team.)  We’ve been doing better on our walks. Dad is less anxious about me doing or not doing things and I’m figuring out that other dogs don’t always want to meet me, easpecially not when I pull and bark. I still pay attention but I’m quicker to get back to task these days. I’m even doing better with the fuzzy basement monsters, well at least when they are behind the cat gate. I’ve met them nose to nose and stayed calm for longer than I used to. Mom and Dad say good-boy. It can be hard not to lean over the gate and try to fit one in my mouth, though. One day soon I may even try not chasing after them when they are out and about the house, but it’s hard when they run. One day…one day. 

Dad has been telling Mom how well I’m doing at the gym too. I’m getting used to all the strange movements but I really don’t like the partner assisted stretch, it looks like Miss Jessica is going to hurt him so I always get in the middle. Dad always tells me calmly that he’s okay so I’m starting to believe him and trying to stay in my down-stay.

Last night our friend Claire came over for a visit. She’s going to look in on the basement monsters while we go on vacation. I was so glad to see her again. She was impressed with how calm I was at home. The first time we met, you may remember, was at her house after my Vet visit. That day I was super excited because she has a cute furry bunny in a cage that I wanted to play with. I was glad to show her a new side.

I need to run off and get back to looking after Dad, so please keep your tails wagging and your barks friendly until we meet next.