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Mail Call at the Dane Palace

Hi Friends –

I’m sure all of you want to know what I’ve been up to lately and what’s on the mind of this secret service dog. Thanks for waiting, but wait no more, here I am!  I trust all of you have been Wagtastic? Great! Dad told me today I’d get to post for all my friends and he asked me what I wanted to say. Of course I started barking out all sorts of topics as they came to mind. He said it sounded as if I was chasing my tail. I said why not it’s fun? Try it some time! (He mumbled something about taxes, which I chose to ignore…) I told him that my job is to tell him what I want to say and his job is to organize and make it pretty. Sometimes I think he doesn’t understand our relationship at all.

The first thing that has been on my mind lately is the American Dog Magazine win. I still think about that every day. Mom said I’d be in the fall issue so it should be here soon. We get five copies of the magazine, and I can’t wait to share it.

american dog cover

Check out this preview of my cover!

The other prizes that we’ve received are amazing so far. Mom shared the on-line pictures of my custom portraits by Julia of Drawings for Pit Bulls and those who love ’em:

Julia of Drawings for Pit Bulls and those who love 'em

by Julia of Drawings for Pit Bulls and those who love ’em

And the one Brittany Farina did for me:


by Brittany Farina

by Brittany Farina

I have to say that both of these are amazing, what gifted people, they definitely have blessed us with their talent. I say it also helps to have great subject matter; Dad quietly agreed but assured me being humble is best. We also received our ACADIA ANTLERS Moose Dust Dog Food Topper (yum) and 3 Moose Antler maple chews. Oh My Dog, you guys, these chews are wonderful. I had one of the chews the day they came in the mail and everyone laughed and said it looked like I was maple drunk. I ate half of it in minutes. Dad made me save the other half for later. I don’t understand that concept…it’s later NOW! Give it to me! I liked the chews so much that I shared two of them with Miss Jessica. She’s Dad’s personal trainer, and she gave me my first antler. (If anyone needs a trainer/nutritionist let Dad know.) I love her, and I know she has pups too. I say, what better way to show our love than to share the gifts we receive?

Speaking of gifts, the mail call at home has been all about the Dane over the past couple of weeks. I finally have my business cards to hand out when I’m working. These should make it easier on Mom and Dad. The problem is, as you know we use a secret service name when we meet the general public; from time to time people we meet are very interested in what I do. This is when Mom and Dad talk about SDP, the blog and service dogs. This is also the time we judge you; we’re like that…Ha-ha, not in a bad way. We decide whether to tell you we just lied to you, and share more about me. This way, we can slip a potential friend a card and not have any potential villains foil our plan for world domination. I know, clever, thank you.

Another gift arrived recently in a box I thought was just for the human puppies. I was surprised when something was there for me too! Nanny and Baboo (Mom’s mom and stepdad) sent me a new stuffed toy. (Thank you, I knew you loved me. I love you too!) I don’t know if his picture is up on instagram yet, but I’m sure the puparazzi will capture him soon. I’ve been calling him Armi; he’s an armadillo. We’re best friends now. I was so happy running and leaping around the house that Dad laughed out loud. I even carried him up to bed and back down the next morning. That is the first time I’ve brought any stuffies to bed. Of course I killed his squeaker (it really was more of a honk/quack actually) in minutes but I’ve been Dane-gentle with him so far, so he doesn’t have one rip in him yet.

Just in case you think that is enough, Dad surely does. I also received my supplements to help clear my yeast flair-ups. Being a Dane I am prone to things like yeast infections. I thought it was just my ears (the Vet helped me clear up my ears about a month ago) but after I started losing a ton of hair (a lot of what I had was a yucky brown) I was super itchy and had red inflamed toes, and bumpies on my chin.  Mom did some research for me and we scored high on a test for Candida (systemic yeast). This is not a good thing.  If any of this sounds familiar check out Nzymes.com. I have been on this system for a week so far, and I already feel better than when I started. (Dad grins and tells me it’s a good thing that I am such a love because I’m an expensive boy. Who’s more deserving of such pampering? I say).

One more thing I wanted to mention was that I’m really excited to meet all my Camera Peeps and such great supporters of SDP and as an extension me and this blog. I know Mom hit Facebook and told everyone of our plan (and she will post later this week for your non-bookfacers) for this coming Sunday so look for me on the farm. I look forward to lots of pets and some treats! (approved grain free, of course)