Traveling Therapist

I shared this on Facebook first, but I know we have followers that opt out of social media (we totally get it!). This should be short and amusing (Danny DeVito?) at least we thought it was funny.

We have a sign posted on our door out front (I’ll do my best to include it in the post) that requests no knocking or ringing of the doorbell unless you NEED a person to sign for a delivery, or what have you… otherwise, we’re probably not interested. Honestly, it’s not 1987. Even if you want to drop by at a moment’s notice (I have no idea why you would? We’re horrible…) I’ll bet you have a phone in your hand and can text us.

Today, we get a knock at the door. Dad Looks through a kitchen window and sees a person we don’t know. They’re not a delivery person or a postal carrier; we’re sure they SAW the sign, right?

Dad decides to answer amidst Wednesday barking her fool head off. I’m sure we covered this, but she has limited sight. She gets anxious around new people, and for some reason, the front door is a trigger we’re working on eliminating. So, Dad stepped out to talk with her.

He came back in with a puzzled grin. He said, she introduces herself and announces that she is here to provide physical therapy. For most people, this is simple either you need a visiting therapist, or you don’t. Kind of like if someone shows up to fix a septic system you don’t have, you get to say “Sorry, dude, wrong house!”


A couple weeks ago I took Dad to the doctor’s office looking for recommendations for a new PT/Personal Trainer. So, this now gets a response of, “OK? But, why are you HERE?”

Now she looks as puzzled as Dad. See the Doctor’s office called Dad last week and said they found someone that may help us, and she was going to send along medical history and have the trainer contact Dad so we could schedule a meeting to see if we could work together.  Having a PT show up at the house looking to work with you is convenient, but odd. In our experience, mid-westerners are nice, but not nice enough to come to you unannounced expecting to fix ya right up! (We do have a lot of door to door salespeople here… that’s also odd to us, but another story altogether.) Did she just know there is someone in this house that desperately needs PT? If she did, that’s pretty cool!

She looks at her phone, looks at the house number on the wall, then to Dad and says, “Oh! I was looking for house number xx07, not xx01. Sorry, have a nice day!”

Uh, Yeah… you too! – BYE Felicia!


3 thoughts on “Traveling Therapist

  1. Nancy July 17, 2017 at 1:04 pm Reply

    Funny! We have 4 dogs, and the ringing of the door bell or a knock on the door is cause for great concern among them. 🙂 We live in a neighborhood that is very diverse, politically active, as well as having several churches, mosques, ect. within a few blocks from us. So our signs says, “Please do not disturb, be it political, religious or otherwise (unless you are selling Thin Mints). Thank you. Por favor, no molestar. Gracias.” We have far more than just Spanish & English speakers in our neighborhood, but I didn’t want the sign to encompass the entire door.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Liz Ptak July 17, 2017 at 8:41 am Reply

    Those mid-westerners are there to help! BTW, I love the “cheesecake” part of your sign.

  3. Judy Carroll July 14, 2017 at 12:32 am Reply

    I love your stories and your blog, Caspar! This one just shows how weird people can be sometimes! A real howler!! Thanks for the perfect laugh before bedtime!!!

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