Service Rendered

Hi Friends –

It’s been awhile. I hope we’re finding everyone well.

We’re writing today because Dad tends to forget that even the smallest bits can be important to someone. We had a chat with several folks on Harry Deutschedogge’s Facebook thread, of all places, the other night. (In short) Harry’s Mom was telling him how great of a match they are. It reminded Dad to share with them how we feel about each other and it sort of highjacked the post; (unintentionally, of course –Sorry Harry’s Mom, love you!).

It got us to thinking about sharing our recent car buying experience. Dad wasn’t necessarily going to post this (He forgets names so we can’t share those if we wanted to!) but it is, in a way, relevant. Mom needed a “new to her” car since the lease on her current one was coming due. There was a whole process around whether they could trade it for any equity or at the very least be flush because Dad had to roll a previous loan into the (then new) lease. Then there is an appraisal/turn-in process that they didn’t want to deal with. So, since it was a Honda the easiest way to go was to find an acceptable replacement at the local Honda dealer. Dad chose the easy way. We ended up flush and the dealer offered to store the car and have the appraiser come to the dealership for us. (Phew) Mom picked a car, and though it had its negatives it made the cut (I think because it’s purple). Dad didn’t haggle (I had to look to make sure some other guy wasn’t holding my harness!). As we were sitting at the café tables in the sales area (well I was in a down-stay, but…) Blah Blah – ANYWAY! Our neighbor struck up a conversation. Dad started out with short answers and a bit guarded. We find it easier than full engagement on word one. Most people have a limited interest anyway.

The aforementioned neighbor gave it the ole college try and got us all to talk to her. We gave her what Dad calls the “elevator speech”. That’s the one that gives answers to the top 5 questions in the time it takes to ride the elevator and the doors to open. Granted, Dad rolled his eyes (in his mind) because she kept at it, and told us how she had a service dog too! (No dog in sight… so?? Skeptical much?) As we chatted more it turns out she really did have a disability and her dog WAS valid. You see, as it happens she adopted a dog who had the natural ability to sense the onset of seizures. Her dog was going to do his job, ready or not! She was not, and started out not understanding that the dog was alerting after all her intention was to have a pet, not a service team. The dog kept working until she understood that she needed him. Before long they hit their stride, and another perfect match was made and the days turned to years. The time came, as it always does, for the pup to cross the rainbow bridge. She has now been without a Service Dog for quite a while. She’d like to have another but the typical resource issues are at play, so she copes and hopes one day maybe she’ll find a partner again. As we continue to chat Dad shares our story. We talked about SDP and how we matched up. By the end we could tell she thought maybe SDP could get her a dog, so we had to clarify their mission statement and let her down easy.

There is definitely an opportunity we would love to capitalize on here, in connecting dogs with trainers and recipients…but again, resources people.

The car buying experience is even very different when you have a Dane holding you up! It’s funny because Dad still gets emails from the Connecticut Honda dealer asking how He and I are doing, and if he can help us with anything.

The simplest of interactions on the surface can have an impact, so we share this just in case any of it helps. Dad doesn’t see how it could, but you read it and that’s several minutes you’ll never get back. See? Another impact! They just keep happening!

3 thoughts on “Service Rendered

  1. Sheila June 30, 2017 at 8:47 pm Reply

    I have missed your stories a lot! It was so nice to see this in my email 🙂

  2. Sharon Gates June 2, 2017 at 10:38 pm Reply

    Oh, my Little Ghost, I always enjoy hearing about you and your family adventures….learning something new all the time. Thank you so much for keeping us up on the life and times of a Very Special Service Dog.

  3. Pauletta June 2, 2017 at 10:04 pm Reply

    Casper, I always love hearing about your and dad’s adventures. Keep them coming!

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