Need Some Wheels?

Sorry we haven’t posted in a bit. Mom has a big post she really wants to write, but she has super duper busy.

In the meantime Mom and Dad wanted me to tell you about this really cool guy they met. He is friends with one of Dad’s really good friends in California and Mom and him friended each other on Facebook. Well, they just told me they are super happy about it. Why? Because he not only loves dogs, but he is also that kind of person who truly wants to do good for people.  You see, he builds doggie wheelchairs. It is not a business, he does it because he wants to help. He told us that they are lightweight aluminum with riveted construction and a fleece carrier made from dog beds so no chafing or hot spots. The tires on them are air and have bearings for a smooth roll unlike most of the commercial ones. He charges on a sliding scale because he wants any dog who needs one to get one. And if he  makes a profit it goes back into research and development for more and better doggie wheels! He doesn’t have a website so if you have the need or know someone who does you can contact him through Facebook. Or contact us so we can get in touch for you.

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