Adventures in Doctor Visits

Today was a “basic health” day for Dad and me. We went to our new dentist office today.

The one we established with when we first came to town closed down. It’s a long story, and if you have a sense of humor like Dad’s, it’s funny, but just trust me. (…not sharing here…)

Dad found the building and it’s closer to the house then the other dentist. I guess that’s good. It would be better if it was the butcher or somethin’, but whatever. I wouldn’t get treats there any way. [Editor’s Note: Our butcher is even closer, just around the corner, but I always go so that Casper doesn’t have to smell all the deliciousness and not get any.] We pull into the parking lot and Dad is already assessing the proximity to the door. The issue isn’t that the parking was inadequate, we’ve just never entered the building before. The building is a rectangle, and you enter the lot facing the long side, but toward the left corner. The same long side has the door. We assume it’s centered along that side. We didn’t measure, but don’t think for a moment that Dad isn’t nerd enough to do it!

There are questions, like – Do you park by the front door? If yes; why are all the cars parked in the short left side of the building? People like convince and will always pick what is convenient, especially on a rainy day like today.

There are two businesses in the building. Is there a side entrance we should take that puts us closer? We can’t answer this in 6.4 seconds so, Dad picks the empty lot in front. Now, time for another decision, in 1.2 seconds. Do we use the lone disabled spot? The reason there is a question at all, is that it’s a standard space with the wheelie dude painted in it. There are regular spots on either side, no buffers, just a “handi-spot” in the center. Odd. We took it, but it could end up that Dad has to use the lift gate to get into the car, but this is how we do things. [Editor’s note: It is a strange setup, but the employees of the dental office are parked on the side. The other business in there has moved now so there is always plenty of parking space and all of them are pretty close to the front door. I guess I should have schooled him since I had been there 3 times (for me and both kids) already.]

We get in the office, from the front door with no issue, so it’s time to assess the waiting area. Dad decides to ask for a down-stay in the far left corner; it was occupied by a table and lamp, but I’d be out of foot traffic if other people come in. Dad proceeds to fill out the standard first visit questionnaire, while wondering why these things are not on-line so they can be filled out ahead of time and legible, so they can be on file electronically. Dad moved to hand in said form and I thought he needed me. I started to get up and almost knocked the lamp off the table behind me. – Woopsie!

As we made our way through the halls and to the hygienist chair I think she was pretty impressed with my down-stay. That is, once Dad understood that the chair was going to recline and move forward to take up the same space I was using. He asked me to lie next to a wall, so I figured we were okay. I was wrong. When the chair, and Dad’s feet got a bit too close for comfort I popped up. I stayed on my fluffy, just standing and looking at him wondering why he made that choice. Dad hopped up and we readjusted together. Dad explained his lack of knowledge in the dental chair field and then asked the hygienist if she would be using the space to the left of the chair. She said no, so we moved the fluffy and tried another down-stay. This was better anyway because I could keep a close eye on those implements. Everything went well, so Dad shared my business card and allowed pictures. We also chatted up the doctor and how well-trained we SDP Danes are.

WARNING – If your squeamish about bodily functions stop reading here.

Earlier in the day Dad learned a little more about dogs. I think it’s always good to expand your knowledge about your dog, especially if your dog is a service dog. You know, just for the basic health knowledge and not having to pay a V.E.T. all the time. Everyone in the house kept complaining that I smelled like a poop. [Editor’s Note: That was put very mildly. He STANK. BAD. I knew it what it was but most dogs work it out themselves. Well, not this time.] Mom asked if Dad could make me an appointment to see my doctor because it was a gland issue. Dad wanted to be sure he knew the correct way to express an anal gland. I really would have thought he’d whisper that stuff but he just comes out and asks if they will express the gland and show him how! It was kind of embarrassing for me! They must be as weird as Dad because he told Mom they didn’t skip a beat and told us to come on in and it would be no problem. The doctor told Dad what to look for and how to do it. Then they put me between them, lifted my tail and started playing with my butt!! I don’t even like it when flies land on my back, never-mind THAT! Geez, guys! Buy a dog a drink first. After they were done I did feel SO MUCH BETTER. I guess zoomies in the yard doesn’t always clear it all out. At least next time we don’t have to make an office visit. I trust Mom & Dad and it’s more comfortable at home. If you thought that was the end of my visit, you’d be wrong. I had a really large skin tag on my ear that was just barely hanging on. Dad asked the doc to show him the best way to remove it. He took out a pair of hemostats clamped the root and twisted. It popped right off and barely bled at all! Finally, ladies I smell great and don’t look like a cauliflowered UFC fighter. I just hope that is all the medical adventures I have to have for a long time.

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4 thoughts on “Adventures in Doctor Visits

  1. Dianeks-MD August 21, 2015 at 12:02 pm Reply

    Love the blog. So glad you are sweet smelling again Casper.

  2. Nancy Nyberg-Pennell August 21, 2015 at 11:05 am Reply

    Casper, you sure to make us smile. I would have wanted a few drinks before but as long as you are comfy now and no stinkies, you are all set. Cannot wait for your next adventure.

  3. Sharon kbtz-AZ August 20, 2015 at 11:31 pm Reply

    Oh, my, you DO have the best adventures…..and told w/so much graphic and flair I can picture the whole thing. I can always count on my Little Ghost making me laugh. Keep the experiences coming.

  4. Liz Ptak August 20, 2015 at 10:35 pm Reply

    Ha ha – yes, buy him a drink first!

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