Leaving Connecticut – Part Two

Hi Friends –

Getting ready to leave Connecticut was so exhausting, you guys, that I had to give it some time before I told the stories. This time I’ll give you a taste of what it was like to leave my first forever kennel. Dad says this was bitter-sweet for him because the condo was the first home that he bought when he moved from his family kennel. I really don’t see the big deal, but he says most twenty somethings rent their kennel and Dad was proud to be in a position to own his. (Yes, your human twenties is late to be on your own, but we all know Dad is let’s say…”special” Woof.) Let me say this,  it really was a nice home, it had just become too small for our family’s dreams and we needed to stretch out in a big  “Dane – S” sorta way!

This all started pretty much as soon as we decided we needed a change. If you knew the Dane size load of things that had to be thrown in a dumpster you’d be shocked. We didn’t even think we had that much stuff crammed into the kennel. Dad worked really hard getting everything sorted into piles of keep, toss, donate and sell. Dad would go down into the land of the basement monsters and come up with bin after bin that could go to the dumpster. He sorted for hours at a time. When he’d find an item he thought was in good condition and needed to have a new home he would put it on the Internet and hope it found a home for a reasonable price. As time passed many of the items in the keep pile got shifted to the donate and sell piles. Even more time passed and the family settled on moving out west to Oklahoma. Dad knew this meant that once again he’d need to sort; after all, when you move that far it is reasonable to move as little as possible. The cost to ship what you haven’t touched in years, but may use some day does not keep a Dane fed, or in stuffies for that matter. Dad kept saying that he wanted to be done, and if someone would take everything he’d give it all away. I really thought that as the move date came closer and closer my bowls might just end up in the dumpster too. Of course that didn’t happen. (My favorite stuffie did, but that has been atoned for.)

There was a while where I thought Mom had given up and was tired of the place being a constant mess from upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms. She left Dad and I and didn’t come back for DAYS! Dad kept telling me not to worry but I have to watch out for him. She has never been away overnight before!! It turned out he was right; she was just in Oklahoma looking for our new kennel. Mom looked at so many places to find just the right one, and she did find one they made an offer on, but it was already under contract and she didn’t know. She came home only to find our new kennel on the Internet. Lucky for us there is a great contractor in the family who looked at the home for us, this made Dad happy, and  he bought the house sight un-seen (except for Internet pics, and we know how sketchy those can be!).

Around the same time as starting the process of buying the Oklahoma kennel we put the Connecticut one on the market. Things started out amazingly well, and we received two offers to buy on the same day! Mom & Dad thought to themselves that they had perfectly manifested these offers and were very relieved! Of course I advised that they take the higher offer, which was well over their asking price, and wanted to close on the day before we planned to leave. Now, this sounds wonderful, right? Well, it could have been, if the buyer hadn’t wasted two weeks to find personal reasons to rescind. By that time the list offer was no longer interested, and we had to go back on the market.  We did get another offer rather quickly, but it meant we’d have to carry two kennels for a while. I really don’t know how Dad can lift kennels and carry them? They seemed to be pretty solidly attached to the ground, but that is what he kept saying.

Before we left for Oklahoma we had “professional” movers come and they took all of our stuff and put it in a big truck. I’m not real sure about this you guys, but Mom says it is the way to go when you take that much stuff across the country. My biggest concern was they loaded my bed and stuffies into the truck! I guess it’s fair for me to wait with the rest of the family but I don’t like the thought that maybe someone else is playing with MY toys! I wish I could say that the packing of the truck went smoothly, but I can’t. The problem was that we needed to shop price first and Realtor recommendations second. This outfit appears to have farmed out our contract to people who showed up late, understaffed, and apparently dog-gone tired. It took them several hours longer than it should have, even splitting the load-in to two days (Dad gave them his only key so they could finish before dawn and they locked him out by leaving the key inside rather than in under the mat.) and leaving items behind that they were told ahead of time were to be on the truck.

Dad tried very hard to stay on their “good side” by making a gentleman’s agreement with them. He gave them items in the house in trade for them taking a couch and chair out to a dumpster. This seems wonderful, except for the fact that they broke their word in the end, leaving everything right where it was. (This added to our costs by having to pay others to do the haul-away for us; we were already on the road!) I didn’t understand that the truck wouldn’t be there when we arrived almost four days later, but I guess it doesn’t work that way. As we’re writing this the truck still has not arrived (It should be here tomorrow) and the company  does a very bad job at communicating with it’s customer’s. If Dad and I worked this way we wouldn’t be allowed in public, ever! I’m sure I’m putting this much nicer than it needs be, but take my word, it has been a nightmare of an experience. (Editor’s Note: They arrived Monday, the day after this was written. The gentlemen unloading were much more professional. We will tell you all about that to come.)

I wouldn’t want to end on negatives so I’ll change the subject and jump around in time a bit to tell you a little of what it is like to drive 1300 miles, in two cars with human puppies, basement monsters, and Harry Potter movies all the way to our new home. I can’t lie, it was stressful and tiring for Mom & Dad but they have both made the trip before so they were prepared. Being that they’d be in separate cars they did some smart things like taking almost four days to drive rather than two, and they got GMRS radios to talk along the way. This really helped in traffic, or when one car needs a restroom. (It really was a safety item I was glad we had.) Mom did a great job of scheduling rooms to stay in along the way as well as stops to see family who live along the route. Dad says meeting family was great, but Winkie and I loved the hotel beds the most! There was even a day when I didn’t want to leave the bed they slept in, so Dad gave me breakfast in bed! He says it’ll never happen again, but he loves me so much that I would be surprised if one day, maybe on my next “gotcha day” he treats me.

Breakfast in bed

I’m sure Mom (my editor) will fill in a few more details for you but I gotta get out to my new yard for zoomies!

(Editor’s Note: There will be a post all about family visits to come. Next post will be about traveling with animals.)

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7 thoughts on “Leaving Connecticut – Part Two

  1. Nancy August 21, 2014 at 10:16 pm Reply

    I can’t think of a better nor more deserving recipient of breakfast in bed than you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful life in your new home, and you have days upon days of zoomies in your new yard.

  2. Sharon kbtz-AZ August 20, 2014 at 10:45 pm Reply

    OH, my, Casper, what a great ending…..a yard for zoomies!, how lucky can you get. Hope you gave dad extra snuggles for breakfast in bed.
    We moved from CA to AZ with my my Kerry Blue Terrier and it wasn’t too bad, only an 8 hour drive. But our whole house of furniture and personal items didn’t arrive for three months. Was pretty awful without all “our things”, but we endured…..as you have.
    Hope your new home just gets better and better with lots more family and fun times.
    Hugs to all,

  3. Hilda August 20, 2014 at 2:39 pm Reply

    So glad you all made it to Oklahoma, safe and sound. I have mobility issues and back pain and when we moved over 1000 miles over 3 years ago, we started on our trip with our little Chloie (miniature poodle) who was in her dad’s arms for the whole trip. We sceduled our road trip so that we would arrive the same day as our furniture. Turns out, the furniture hadn’t arrive yet! All I had was a walker and I couldn’t sleep on that! The neighbors brought over some utensils, pots and pans, an air mattress. I couldn’t sleep on the air mattress because I would have difficulty trying to get up. My hubby and Chloie slept on the mattress while I sat on the seat of my walker. A few hours later, I told my husband that I was going out to sleep in the car. At least, the seats were comfortable. We all slept in the car. The sunrise woke us up early in the morning. Still, no furniture. I kept calling and calling the movers; finally got in touch with customer service in the Province we moved from. She was wonderful in tracking our “stuff;” apparently, it was in two trucks. We found a medical supply store in town that rented out lift chairs, wheel chairs. At least, I slept in a comfy lift chair that night and 4 nights after that. One truck arrived almost a week later….NO BED!! It was in the other truck! It arrived a few days later. Needless to say, customer service credited our whole amount we paid out to the movers. Moving is a stressful time, especially when moving far away. We have moved since then, but just around the corner. A friend moved us with only his pick up truck and we traded our appliances (didn’t need ours in the new place as they were already supplied.) So, all went well. Hope you enjoy your new kennel and back yard. Look forward to further stories….love you, Casper….<3

    • casperthedane August 20, 2014 at 3:58 pm Reply

      Wow! That’s terrible. I thought we had it bad. We needed new mattresses for 2 rooms and had them delivered the next day and an air mattress for the little one. And we borrowed a folding table and chair for eating. We also packed enough kitchen stuff to get by because we knew it would be at least a week to wait. I can’t imagine having to sleep in the car!

  4. Nancy Nyberg-Pennel August 20, 2014 at 1:59 pm Reply

    Wow Casper you and your humans were really busy. Trust me I know about moving also since I just moved from PA to FL with my Dane and basement monster. We had to make stops to for potty breaks and to eat. You were pretty lucky to get breakfast in bed. But you deserved it. Have fun in your new kennel and enjoy doing zoomies in your new backyard. BOL

  5. jerseygirl2371 August 20, 2014 at 1:20 pm Reply

    Thanks, Casper. I’m about to move with my Labrador Retriever and a basement monster! I’ll try to keep your sense of humor.

    • casperthedane August 20, 2014 at 1:57 pm Reply

      Mom will try to write her piece on moving with animals asap. Maybe you can learn from some of our mistakes. 🙂

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