Things Get Better Everyday

Hi Friends –

The past couple days have been fun, but I like to find the good in the moment, so that’s mostly what I share with these updates. Dad and I have been in the office this week so that has meant a lot of naps for me in between meetings and long times at our box. The office is funny to me because there are so many humans sitting in boxes for most of the day. I told Dad it feels like being in a kennel. He smiled and said, I guess you’re right. I said, what I don’t understand is that the box doesn’t have a door to keep you in. Why do you down-stay for so long? Why don’t you all run and play outside? He just laughed while he thought for a second. He said, kibble I guess? He said, if I don’t choose to down-stay I don’t have to, but my Alpha at work won’t agree to trade for my time and knowledge so that we can have our home and kibble. I said, so it’s the same as when I’m actually off lead all day but I stay with you? He said, yes, but don’t get any ideas! We went for a walk soon after that conversation. Speaking of the work box we’ve been approved to move. Dad says it will likely be just a short distance, but they will modify a box in our row that has some wasted space and junk piled behind. This will give me my own area so I can stretch out without unplugging the power and network cables. Dad says that is important. I say cookies are important. (Don’t worry. I have my own cookie jar on Dad’s desk…shhh, he loves me.)

Life at work isn’t all naps for me. We train too. When we walk and Dad doesn’t have to carry stuff we do things like take a flight of stairs rather than the elevator all the way to the top, or bottom. I need to work on taking one step at a time. I’m getting much better at it. Soon we will work on letting Dad brace on each step. Another thing we’re working on is greeting other animals. I told you earlier about another secret service dog at work; well, when we do meet up our greetings have been less pulling and barking and more sniffs and playing. Dad and the other person have made special times during the week just for us to practice with each other. I know it’s important to Dad that I don’t pull and bark so I’m trying, but it is really hard not to be excited. Dad seems to manage much better and gets frustrated less; that makes my my tail wag. Yesterday we walked so I could “do my business.” I saw another dog a few hundred feet away and watched him, but didn’t pull or bark. Just a week ago I would have tried to run over and make friends. Dad was so happy he gave me extra banana chips. This was something else we talked about. Dad says it’s much better to be a cool dog and just greet others as you meet them and it’s ok to pass some-doggy by if they are not close to you. He says soon enough I will make plenty of friends.

Guess what else happened? Dad’s monster (kitty), Pixie, has been taking back her areas of the house. She has been making appearances in the bathroom, the human puppy bedroom and other random places, even when I am home. The funniest one was when Dad and I were relaxing after a busy day at work on the couch. I was napping at one end and Dad had the talking light box on sitting at the other. The monster came right in the room, looked at Dad, and jumped up next to him! I want to play with her so bad I came over to give her sniffs but I moved too fast and scared her again. She ran off, but Dad was happy because any time they come up from the basement when I’m home is a step in the right direction.

I got my human puppies back from their sleep over. I still don’t know, over what? What did they sleep over? Is it different than what they sleep on here? I asked Dad and he just laughed. I’m just happy they’re back and I guess that’s enough. The car ride home was really good. I laid down next to the bigger puppy and she leaned her head on me the whole time — I think Mom put a photo of it on her Instagram. The little puppy fell right to sleep. She plays as hard as I do and that can wear a puppy out. Plus, she makes a LOT of noise so I think that makes her even more tired. I’m just happy they’re back and I guess that’s enough.

I want to tell everyone that I really enjoy reading the comments you share on the blog. I don’t usually get the chance to reply, but I do read and enjoy them. Thank you so much for your loving feedback. Knowing that you enjoy the blog keeps us posting.

It’s time for a walk and cookie!

written by DFS

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5 thoughts on “Things Get Better Everyday

  1. Diane B Stern August 9, 2013 at 3:42 am Reply

    Really enjoyed your blog Casper. Love that it is informative & very funny. You are doing so good & i am very, very proud of you. Both you & Dad are learning at the same time. Really enjoy your conversation. Cannot wait for your next blog.

  2. Hilda August 8, 2013 at 7:33 pm Reply

    Hi Casper! It sounds like you’ve had a fun and interesting start of the week. You’re always finding and learning new things every day and I must say, you’re doing very well. I’m so proud of you! I saw you being born and you’ve grown to be a wonderful young “man.” And, you are so loving as well. I have no doubt how much you love your lovely family and how much they love you!

    I know you’ll keep making us all proud; love you, Casper, my boy!! ❤

  3. Carol Mullavey August 8, 2013 at 3:22 pm Reply

    I don’t know how you do it, but when I’m down you always put a smile on my face. Love your stories and don’t worry. About your human puppies having a sleep over, they will be safe because your dad and mom would never let anything happen to them. Take care and have a good day Casper.

  4. Ellie August 8, 2013 at 2:18 pm Reply

    It’s great to hear (or rather read) that you’re learning so much, Casper. I bet your dad is very proud of you. And you make him laugh; that’s very important, because laughing is the best medicine. You know, when you were still at the farm and I watched you with your siblings, you made me laugh, too. Even if I had a really bad day, I felt better right away after that. You still make me smile; it’s a very special Great Dane talent you have. Thank you for that. :o)

  5. Nancy Nyberg-Pennell August 8, 2013 at 2:12 pm Reply

    Casper I am sitting here at my desk smiling after reading your blog. What we all take for granted isn’t the same as other people and letting us know that opens our eyes. You are becoming more a friend to Dad and that is great. (of course that is why they call you a GREAT Dane) Keep up the good work and letting us know how you are your humans are doing. Have a GREAT Dane Day.

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