Friends, Family, and Free Stuff

Hi Friends,

I have to start by telling everyone how pawsome it was this past Sunday! First we went to the place where humans go to talk to The Great Spirit. I like it there because I have made so many friends that are really nice. I was so happy that I sat up in the pew for a bit before service. Dad didn’t let me stay long. It’s okay, I know I have to work on my manners and be ready for Dad if he needs me. It was also wonderful to see Rev. Steve. He really understands the connection we all have. Another great thing was Mom and her pack sang to us and the angels again. I love when she does that; I can feel the joy.

The joy continued, from the service we delivered a foam mattress topper to a friend. I tried to talk Mom & Dad into keeping it.  I liked laying on it; talk about comfort! I gave in though because it’s a nice thing to do. I like the spirit of giving, ya know? It’s all in the name of service and that’s what I do, after all.

    You might think that would be enough, but it gets better. Dad drove us up to SDP where I got to see all my family and friends, both human and K9. I was so happy to be able to run off lead and play that I could hardly contain myself. You may not understand the sniffs we dogs get from the pond or the grass  but let me tell you, combine that with family and it is as close to heaven as we get here. Don’t think that it’s only for us dogs, it’s not. You should all get a dog from SDP and take us for walks where you have to leave your truck behind, we’d be happy to share. The day still got better if you can believe that! I know! Does everyone know about those places where you can trade green paper for stuff? One of those places, Mom called HomeGoods, decided to become friends with the farm and decided they wanted to give me gifts. I mean hey, it seems natural to me, everyone loves me right? Dad explained that this wasn’t just for me but for many other dogs and their people. It was a delight to receive such a gift and in all seriousness such a touching gesture. Dad always genuinely feels the great spirit when receiving gifts of any type, material or time, such a blessing and a Pawsome day!

    The next day we went back to Dad’s office. I brought my new bed that was part of our gift from SDP and HomeGoods. It really does make a difference when I have to down-stay for so long. On one of our walks, the box that carries us up and down broke. I took the chance to show Dad that I’ve been learning stairs. I made sure we walked easy and made it safely to the next floor, he was impressed but it’s how we service dogs do it. I thought we were just going to ‘go out’ but I was surprised to see a friend that I met last week. He’s a black lab who helps his person hear. He’s a pretty cool guy from California. You know I can’t share his name, it’s a secret service dog code. I was so happy to see him I pulled Dad a little but not too much, our people kept telling us how good we were because neither of us barked this time. We greeted and played for a minute. We both had to get our people back to work so we made a plan to meet later in the week. I’m so excited that I have a new friend. Of course I will tell you all about it. I really hope our people get along too, it would be a fun way to break up our days.

written by DFS
edited by LJS

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