Moving the Furr-nature

Hi Friends –

It’s been an interesting few days since my last post. I’ve been going to Dad’s work as usual and I’m used to the day to day path there. For me it’s more naps than anything but I do get out several times a day. We make a point to walk around the indoors too. I think it’s good for both of us because when Dad sits too long he moves differently than when we walk and it makes me worried. (My new move for helping with that is to cross my shoulder in front of his hip and slow down, or stop. I think he’s catching on.) I like it because we get to see so many people and I get so many “handsome boy” comments and pets when we can allow it. There aren’t many times when someone touches me without asking, when they do, Dad barks pretty loud. I’m not sure who taught him that but it makes a Dane proud.

Yesterday, after the office we helped move a lot of boxes. After that I took a special trip with Mom and the girls; it helped make room in the truck for the second load so I didn’t mind really. We went to the building where the humans talk to the Great Spirit because Mom had to practice singing to the angels. I was so happy to see everyone there that after awhile I got lost in the spirit. I couldn’t help but run all around and try and play with everyone. Most people were ok with it, but after I leaped over the 4 stairs from the stage area and then ran up and down the aisle all super-dog fast, Mom got upset and made me down-stay. She was already a little mad because they all were lying on the floor practicing breathing (I don’t get it, breathing is easy) and I got worried and pawed her face. I guess it was a little hard because it left a mark. I left early though ’cause Dad was done with his chores and came to pick me up, along with the little human puppy.

Dad took the day off work, and I know he’s not feeling well, so I let him sleep in. He still got up early but not like an office day. I “did my business” then had breakfast while Dad fed the monsters. I really hope we can play soon. I just get so excited to see them because they are small, fast and furry. That gives me an idea for a new animal show, “The Fast & the Furriest”.  Maybe not.

Anyway, we went to move more weird shaped things that humans seem to need, they called it “furr-nature” I don’t know, there wasn’t a new couch for me, I’m not interested. Anyway, Dad’s pack of friends are really nice helping us all to live in the same kennel. I like knowing that my new pack gets to stay in one place instead of two now.

I need to keep an eye on Dad and make sure he gets some rest so I’m going to save more stories of my adventures for another time.

written by DFS
edited by LJS

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3 thoughts on “Moving the Furr-nature

  1. Barbara Lee July 25, 2013 at 12:10 am Reply

    Oh Casper! You still have a few years of PUPPY in you! When Hannah jumps & runs super dog fast, we call it PUPPY CRAZIES! Hannah will be 6 on Aug 4 & still gets those spurts of energy. It makes me laugh & she is so happy.❤

  2. Hilda Cusson July 24, 2013 at 10:44 pm Reply

    Awww, Casper, you are such a joy. I’m sure your mom won’t be too upset with you as she knows you were worried about her being on the floor. But, I also know how “sharp” puppy nails are! You are such a good, attentive boy. I hope your dad feels better, soon. I think he should be resting more, too. I know you’ll take very good care of him. Love you, Casper! Look forward to your next story. ❤

  3. tisdeh July 24, 2013 at 10:11 pm Reply

    It sounds like you are adjusting to your new family beautifully. We’re so proud of you Casper!

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