What you’ve missed so far…

Since I started writing a lot of updates on my Facebook page already I thought I would post them here to get us started and for those of you who do not have Facebook.

June 27th:

Hello, friends! I am so happy to me out of a kennel for good and in a new home. I am on my way to a place called Connecticut right now. I can’t wait! I hear there are some creatures there called cats. They sound fascinating.

I just had a really exciting evening. We went to Petsmart. There was a dog who barked at me. I don’t understand why. And people kept saying that I am really big, but I am only 8 months old! When we got home my humans had Chinese food. It smelled really good. Then I explored my new house. There was a monster under Dad’s bed that hissed at me. I backed into the closet until Dad saved me.

I just found a treasure trove!! There is this small bed upstairs and it is covered with stuffed toys!!! I just snagged a pink bunny. Score!

June 28th:

Last night I finally tried to show that cat who’s boss. When mom had her back turned I bit the cat on the butt!! Mom and Dad got really mad, but I don’t understand why. I didn’t bite her hard.

written by DFS and LJS
edited by LJS

I had a really busy day! My parents took me out to breakfast and lunch. I did a good job at down stay, but have to work on staying closer to the table and not in the way. People have been really nice to me and tell me I am handsome. We also went car shopping. I went on a test drive and the salesman was great. He loves dogs. The car was great. So much room. Dad says I am costing him a lot of money but I am worth it. He is worth it too.

July 1st:

I am having my first day at work with Daddy. So far everyone really loves me!!! It was a little much to take in at first because there are a LOT of people there. Once I got settled in, though, it was great. I get to nap under his desk ALL DAY!!!

July 3rd:

Mom and Dad have hung a towel near my water bowl and have been trying to teach me “wipe it”: after I drink. I try to remember, but usually turn my head all over the place first. Tonight I slipped in the kitchen on my own drool. Maybe I should start trying to learn their new trick?

July 5th:

Daddy and I got up for work early again, we both didn’t really want to trek into an office after visiting our friends at the lake yesterday. (Thank you, Mark & Shane). I followed Dad around from room to room. I ate breakfast while he made his lunch, and then we headed out. He wanted me to “do my business” but the grass was damp and cool so I just laid there mesmerized by a beetle. He gave me an “up” command so I stood there instead, whatever!
I refused to do anything so we loaded up and headed into work. I like the truck because my friend Jessica bought me an antler to chew. Have you guys had one of these? Oh-my-dog! It the best! We got to our desk and I decided I needed to “do my business” So I walked Dad back out and finally took care of things. Now, I can comfortably play with bunny and sleep while Dad makes clickity clack noises on the desk.

July 6th:

I had a really tough day. We went to the vet. I have a yeast infection in my ear. I didn’t like that guy poking around in there and tried to hide behind daddy. And then they poked me with a needle for something mom and dad called a microchip. And after that we went to visit some friends. They have a bunny in a cage. I really really really wanted that bunny to come out and play with me. No one understands me. I need a nap.

Had a LONG nap and feeling better. Also just jumped into a group hug with mom and dad. That was pretty awesome. Now, though, some people are making a lot of banging and booming noises outside. I am not thrilled about that but mom and dad say its ok so I am staying calm. Mostly.

July 7th:

We went to church today and they gave me a welcome gift bag. They are so nice there that I think I will like going back. I also got to go play at Service Dog Project for a while today. I was happy to see Momma Chaos and Grandma Luna. Mommy and Daddy say I get my personality from Grandma. That’s nice because I really like her.

July 8th:

When I got home from work today with Dad I ran upstairs and put my face on Mom’s pillow. I missed her all day. She FINALLY got home a few hours later and I was SO HAPPY!!!!! I love Dad, but I don’t know why Mom and him can’t work in the same place. It would make my day so much happier! (Oh, and I pooped on the floor at Dad’s gym today, but let’s not talk about that.)

July 10th:

Good Morning everyone! I’ve been a silly pup over the past couple days, I guess? ‘Cause Mom & Dad keep laughing at the things I do. Last night we went out to a restaurant that had peanuts in big barrels and shells all over the floor. I was a bit distracted, but even better, they had steaks in a case that you could pick yourself and they would bring it to the table. I was SO excited! But they didn’t let me pick one. I have no idea why Dad told me to “leave it, walk on”? Hello, it’s STEAK in a CASE that they will GIVE you! Humans are so weird. I did really well with my down-stay command considering I had everyone telling me how handsome I am, and the table was on a riser that put me too far away from Dad. I don’t know why they do that? I don’t like being separated from Dad at all outside the house. After dinner we went to a place that had tons more of food. Mom called it the grocery store. I’ve been there before but I got scared yesterday, Dad said it was because the freezer cases kept turning on. I don’t like it when machines growl at me. I didn’t do anything wrong. Dad took me outside and I felt better. After that we went home, watched some TV on the couch together, and then took our long naps to get ready for another day at the office. This morning I tried to get Dad to give me his samiches; he never wants to give me his samiches, but he says he loves me… anyway. When we walked this morning I did really well, but I did get scared by the vacuum next to the dumpster, which has been there for three days, and never scared me before. I made Dad put it in the dumpster before I would use the dog walk area. I pee’d and pooped. Dad was happy and we loaded up in the truck for work. It’s a quick fifteen minutes into the office, but I decided I needed to poop again. I didn’t tell Dad, and went on the sidewalk. He was annoyed, but hey, a dog has to get his payback for not getting to pick his own steak! OK I have to go take a nap under Dad’s desk, eat cookies and get up for random walks. It’s fun because I get to hear how handsome I am. No Dane turns down the opportunity for a compliment!

July 11th:

Here I am again, under Dad’s desk at work. I would have written sooner but yesterday was busy (and a little scary). You know the life of an SDP Dane! We went to the office to meet some deadlines, Dad says. I don’t understand; if it was dead why not bury it? I can digs holes! The day work day was boring. Sleep, get up, sleep, get up… After work we went to the workout studio to my friend Jessica, the one who gave me an antler, you remember. We arrived early so Dad and I could go for a walk. I ate grass and puked that up about 10 minutes later. Then we got caught in what Dad called a “thunderstorm” It sounded more like 1000 wiffle bats on a kennel to me! I was scared, so I got back in the truck until it stopped and the water from the sky let up. We made it inside without being too wet. Dad started his workout and I started playing with my antler. I think it was still alive because it bit back and my mouth bled a little. Dad and Jessica checked me and the antler; they said they didn’t find anything sharp. Maybe it just bit my tongue? It stopped quickly, and I told them I’m OK, SDP raised me to be tough. I decided I really wanted to go home and watch animal planet so I pawed, (learned that from Grandma Luna) whined and barked. I made Dad nervous. He took me home; he can work out next week. We had traffic like it was I-95 rush hour so I missed my stories anyway. Everything worked out because Mom was home when I got there, I missed her! She missed me too, and we even went on a walk together. Then I had a Peanut Butter Frosty Paws for dessert. As my little human would say, BooYah! Today has been good too; I saw one of the monsters Mom calls cat. I hope they want to play soon, they look fun. Oh and while Dad was making those samiches he don’t gives me I stole the lid to the wet food, I should have thought that through and taken the food instead, but the lid was fun to chew. I need a nap; I’m off to dream of running with Ivy at the SDP pond. Have a fun day my friends!

After work today Daddy took me to visit Mommy’s work. I was SO excited to see her!!! I almost forgot that I was still working. Everyone there was really nice and excited to see me. Plenty of people asked if I had a saddle. I don’t get the joke, but it sure makes Dad roll his eyes.
I got lots of pets and compliments. I was a really good boy, but finally started to whine like I had to pee. Teehee, I didn’t. I just was bored and wanted to go sniff the grass outside.

I know I have had two updates already, but mom said you would really want to hear this.
I have to take some pills for a rash I have and my parents give it to me in a spoonful of canned food, the chicken soup kind Carlene uses. Tonight dad left the can on the counter and I got it!!! I came into the living room all proud of myself with it in my mouth. Mom said to drop it and dad said to come here. I ran up to the top of the stairs and looked down at an angry mommy. She told me to leave it and I knew she meant business. I dropped it and it bounced down the stairs right into her hands.
Wanna know the best part? They weren’t really that mad. They laughed and said it was daddy’s fault. Then mom gave me a handful of dog biscuits. Again, BooYah!

July 12th:

I’m just laying around on the couch today while dad works from home. He said I should do something, so I thought I’d write something. I started my day early, even before anyone got out of bed. Dad wanted to sleep in a few extra minutes. Nobody told me so I was up at Dad’s usual time. I woke everyone up so we wouldn’t be late, I don’t know why they were upset? I thought I was providing a service, I am a service dog, right? Mom yelled at me when I jumped on the bed to say good morning, She apologized for yelling and explained that one of my claws stuck her. I didn’t mean to do that, so I was happy when she told me I was still her favorite pup. Dad and I had breakfast and he took me for a quick walk.
He had work to do, so I played inside for a while. Later we went to Dad’s Vet. I got to see that we all have to do that, so I feel better about my visits. The Vet said he was healthy, and everybody loved me.
I didn’t really like the small box they put us in and closed the door, for a long time. I whined so much that I fooled dad into thinking that I had to go out. The grass is much nicer. Dad also had a paper for me so maybe we can get a bigger workspace and I won’t have to lay under his desk at work. That would be great, I won’t bump my head anymore. He said maybe I could have a bed there. I’d like that, he tells me “down-stay” a lot in the office. After we got back, we walked again, I’m not sure why? I still didn’t have to go. Oh well. Fresh air is better than the house anyway. Dad is still working, and says his lunch is done. I’m going to take a nap. Have a great afternoon!

Mom and Dad are a little upset with me right now. They haven’t yelled but they really seem irritated. It isn’t my fault that they left the sausage and mushroom pizza on the kitchen counter…at my NOSE LEVEL…and I ate 5 slices before they realized what I was up to.
Dad says mommy has to take me out to poop tomorrow. I don’t know what the problem is!

July 13th:

Boring day. Mom and Dad both don’t feel really well. And also, they have a lot of chores to do. I have had a lot of naps. And “help” them whenever they are doing anything near or on the floor!

July 16th:

Dad and I got up about our usual time for work. I tried to sneak into the girl’s room this morning. Dad asked me not to so I stayed outside the door until he was done in the shower. Oh, Did I mention they’re home? They’re home! The Girls are home. We’re all so happy to be together! Anyway, I get sidetracked, being a puppy and all. We started with the normal routine, feed me, and feed the monsters (the ones mom calls cats). Dad made a mess this morning when the monster food fell from the top of the cold box and spilled all over. I did well, on my “leave it” and only cleaned up a couple small pieces he left for me (or couldn’t reach). We both laughed when the smallest human puppy wandered downstairs at 5:40AM all bleary eyed. Dad asked her why she was up so early. She quickly told him, Uh, Winkie (one of the monsters) woke me. He said OK, but you really should go back to bed, it’s early and you need your sleep. The puppy agreed and went back to sleep. Dad went down into the magic vortex (the basement) to see the monsters. He came back and laughed. I asked what was so funny. He said Winkie is down there, he didn’t wake her! We howled and went out for a walk. Dad said I did better today “taking care of business”. I try to give him little things like that now and then, it’s easy and it keeps me in kibble. I even did a good “load-up” for good measure. Dad also said I was “good boy” for walking slow and waiting well at the coffee counter. Like I said; ‘keeps me in kibble. Oh this one was fun too, Dad doesn’t tell everyone my name (you now, being a secret service dog, and all) so when a girl human jumps on the

up/down box with us to find our floor, she asks my name. We gave a code name. Our friend blew our cover and said immediately, “Oh, I thought his name was Casper”. We looked at him and the pretty one and said. “Yeah, it is! But we don’t tell everyone OK?” She seemed to understand the fib. That’s the life of a secret service dog! I need a nap. Dad gets up too early and likes to get up randomly from his box and doesn’t warn me much. Have a great day everyone!

July 18th:

Hi Friends –
It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to use this box to write to you; Dad hasn’t been sharing very well and I’ve been a playing with the human puppies anyway. They come back for the whole weekend tomorrow after we’re done working. I can’t wait to play and cuddle! I’m so excited it’s tough to calm down and think about what’s been going on. It’s kinda like when you’re out for a walk and you see a neat butterfly, even if the people are busy you have to stop and enjoy for a little bit, but when you do, you see a caterpillar, and an ant. Dad calls them “distractions” most often and tells me “leave it”, “walk-on”. It’s Okay I understand, humans are busy with what they think is “important” Dad calls it “work” most days. I will let them off the short lead though because I know it keeps me in kibble, and soon we will take a break long enough to enjoy NOW.
Speaking of kibble…Mom got me some cool new toy that when I knock it just right kibble flies all over the floor! It’s pretty awesome. You should get one. I think they named it kong? I named it yummy fun! Oh, know what else I got? I GOT A DRAGON, I GOT A DRAGON! No, don’t worry, not a REAL dragon. Mom won’t let HIM in the house, even if he promises not to burp flames anymore. One accident on burrito night and suddenly it’s a problem. Geez! I know? Right! This one is just a toy that looks like the real one. It is really fun though. I was so happy to finally get it I ran all around the house with it. Well, mom said it was more of a gallop. I ran upstairs and down looking for dad to show him. Mom said it was indestructible. I think I could destruct it if I wanted to. Mom says it’s double-stitch Kevlar. I don’t know Kevlar. Maybe that’s the new family that just moved in or something? We’ll see…Maybe I won’t, because Mom gave me a Tasmanian devil for work that I had in pieces before dad logged in to his box he taps on most of the day. That was fun but not for too long.
While I was playing with my toys I heard mom and dad saying that our forms for dad’s work have been processed. That means we should have a new workspace with more room for me. I’m pretty happy that I won’t have to bump my head on a table when dad asks me to “up” and help him. This will be good. I’m going to ask if I can have a bed there. I’m sure I can get it, after all, three words…Puppy dog eyes. Dad also told mom I did better at Miss Jessica’s work-out studio. My “down-stay” is a challenge there but I understand now that when I get in the way dad can’t get his program in. I’ve promised to work on it.
I asked what we get to do for fun this weekend. Mom said we get to go to building where humans get together in a pack to be with the Great Spirit. (Mom is going to sing to us, very cool) I tell them we can do the same thing anywhere, but the humans there are nice so I don’t mind. Dad lets them pet me and tell me how handsome I am. I like that. After that I think we might get to go to SDP and see family and friends. Enough for now, a good secret service dog needs to get his naps in. Have a great day everyone!

That gets us up to date!! Thanks for reading, everyone!

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3 thoughts on “What you’ve missed so far…

  1. Mary Ellen Tardiff July 19, 2013 at 1:10 pm Reply

    Casper — maybe someday those Monsters will come to know that even though you’re so much bigger than they are, that you just want to play!! Sounds like you lucked out in the human department! Keep telling us what you’re up to. After all, I watched you when you were born and growing up. You ARE one very handsome and smart puppy!

  2. Sunny July 19, 2013 at 3:46 am Reply

    Thank you for sharing Casper’s day and home life with us!Casper,you are one lucky SDP Dane! Your forever family loves you very much and sounds like you love them very much,too..that is Pawsome,Casper! We will keep following your blog now.We love you and are so happy for you and your family! You are such a handsome guy!You have melted many SDP chatters hearts!Just know we are filled with happiness for you and your family!Dog Bless you,Casper,and your forever family and new friends! ♥♥♥

  3. TERRIWHITEMILLER July 19, 2013 at 2:26 am Reply

    I bookmarked this page. I love reading about Casper at SDP EPW. I do not read my email so I will not “follow” to have emails sent to me.

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